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November 2007
Kremenchuk Steel Works supplies Iran with second batch of truck housings
The Kremenchuk Steel Works JSC dispatched 12 wagons of finished products, notably 252 truck housings of the 18-100 model to the Public Joint Stock Co. "Wagon Pars" of Iran, representative of Kremenchuk enterprise V. Lytvynenko told. "On November 16, we delivered the first batch of the filled order to the Iranian clients (147 truck housings). We have just forwarded 252 more housings. The contract is to be fully completed in December, when we will dispatch the last 210 truck housings of the 18-100 model," V. Lytvynenko noted.
30.11.2007 Source: Ukrinform

USH Ukrainian Steel Holdings Ltd. transfers 35.2% stake in Yenakiyeve steel plant to Metinvest B.V.
USH Ukrainian Steel Holdings Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of CJSC System Capital Management, has transferred a 35.224% stake in OJSC Yenakiyeve metallurgical plant to Metinvest B.V., a subsidiary of SCM (Cyprus). According to the plant, Metinvest B.V. currently owns 55.224% of the plant's stocks. OJSC Yenakiyeve metallurgical plant, also known as EMZ, jointly with Ukrainian-Swiss JV Metalen Ltd. are part of the EMZ group of companies. The companies, being separate legal entities, carry out economic activity on one production site, have a common production cycle and a joint day-to-day management.
29.11.2007 Source: Interfax

Czech firm Nove Energo to build turbocompressor unit worth EUR 14 million for blast furnace tree at Yenakiyeve steel mill
Yenakiyeve steel mill in Donetsk region, as a part of the building of blast furnace three in 2008-2011, has signed a contract on the production of a turbocompressor unit worth EUR 14 million (CZK 374 million) with Czech firm Nove Energo. "The realization of the task depends on providing the whole complex with blasting infrastructure, as the existing turbocompressor units are outdated," reads the report. The press service said that at present the designing of a new turbocompressor unit has started. Metinvest-Holding said that the new turbocompressor unit will be integrated in the control system of pump-storage-plant, thermal blasting plant and blast furnace three. Earlier, Yenakiyeve steel mill director general Alexander Podkorytov said that the boldest technical decisions will be realized at the blast furnace three. The project will be realized in three years. Investment in the building will be USD 180 million.
28.11.2007 Source: Interfax

MD Estate buys 11% stake in Zaporizhia refractory plant
Dnipropetrovsk-based MD Estate Ltd. has bought an 11.012% stake (643,140 shares) in OJSC Zaporizhia refractory plant (Zaporizhvohneupor). As reported, Ukraine's Antimonopoly Committee has given steelmaker Zaporizhstal the green light to acquire more than 50% of the shares in Zaporizhogneupor, the country's biggest producer of refractory materials, the regulator said. Zaporizhogneupor plans to increase its statutory fund by at least UAH 80.07 million, to UAH 156 million, through an additional issue of shares in documentary form at the existing face value of UAH 13 each to replenish circulating funds. The issue will be discussed at a meeting of the shareholders scheduled for December 26, 2007.
28.11.2007 Source: Interfax

Alchevsk Iron & Steel Works launches oxygen converter
Industrial Union of Donbas (IUD) on Tuesday launched the first phase of a new oxygen converter division at its Alchevsk Iron & Steel Works (AMK), completing the first phase of the modernization of steelmaking facilities at the works. The first phase, which includes one converter that can produce 2.5 million-3 million tonnes of steel per year and the related shop infrastructure, cost UAH 5 billion (about USD 1 billion). The whole complex of the oxygen converter division will include two converters with combined capacity to produce 5.5 million-6 million tonnes of steel per year. The second converter will be launched in the second quarter of 2008. The equipment and technology are being supplied by Siemens-VAI. The new division was built in just 18 months. The converter technology will reduce energy and input costs, and the latest technology and control systems will guarantee production of high quality steel that meets the toughest global standards. The gas scrubbing system will recover harmful emissions at every stage of the production chain, reducing emissions to 30 mg per cubic meter or less. Atmospheric emissions per unit of product will decrease by at least 75%.
28.11.2007 Source: Interfax

President Viktor Yushchenko launches oxygen converter at Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works
President Victor Yushchenko took part in oxygen converter launch at OJSC Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works. V. Yushchenko solemnly and personally launched the converter from its control console. Launch of new oxygen converter at Alchevsk steel mill to create 600 new jobs, Yuschenko says. Yuschenko has conferred the Hero of Ukraine award on Taras Shevchenko, the director-general of the Alchevsk metallurgical plant. The award was conferred in Shevchenko in recognition of his contribution to the development of the Ukrainian metallurgical industry. After the ceremony President laid a memorable container at the place of future gas power plant construction. It shall be built in the framework of Alchevsk Works modernization in order to improve its power supply system. Alchevsk metallurgical plant launched operation of the first phase of an oxygen-converter workshop with an annual capacity of 2.5-3 million tons of steel. The Alchevsk metallurgical plant specializes in production of steel plates, sheets, as well as bars and slabs.
27.11.2007 Source: President`s press-office / Ukrainian News

Metinvest B. V. buys 82.5% of Inhulets Ore Plant
Metinvest B.V. (the Netherlands) has become the owner of an 82.462026% stake in Inhulets Mining, Ukraine's biggest producer of iron ore concentrate. Inhulets is controlled by the Smart Group, which in September decided to merge its assets with those of the Donetsk-based System Capital management's Metinvest holding.
27.11.2007 Source: Ukrainian News

AMC permits Otranto Trading to build up stake of over 50% in Velykoanadolsky Refractory Plant
The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMC) has permitted Cyprus-based Otranto Trading Co. Limited to buy shares in OJSC Velykoanadolsky Refractory Plant in Volnovakha District in Donetsk region, which along with another shares in the plant owned by the Cypriot company, would give the company over 50% of the votes in the governing body of the OJSC. Velykoanadolsky Refractory Plant is the oldest refractory plant in Ukraine, founded in 1887.
26.11.2007 Source: Interfax

IUD to invest EUR 40 million in coking plant in Poland
Industrial Union of Donbas (ISD) plans to invest about 40 million euros in the construction of a coking plant with capacity of 390,000 tonnes of coke per year in the Polish city of Czenstochowa, the CEO of ISD Polska, Konstantin Litvinov told Interfax. The company has called a tender for construction of the coke-oven battery, calling for a turn-key plant to be completed by October 1, 2009. Litvinov said the new plant's coke would be sold on the open market, adding that ISD had not yet considered the issue of shipping coke to Ukrainian steelmakers.
24.11.2007 Source: Interfax

Poltava Mining owner to spend USD 158 million to expand production
Ferrexpo Plc, which owns 86% of Ukraine's top iron ore pellet producer Poltava Mining, has launched a USD 158 million project to expand production at the Horishne-Plavninske and Lavrikovske (GPL) deposits to about 32 million tons of ore per year by 2011 from the current 28 million tons.The project will also entail extending the life of the mine at these production levels to at least 2035. This expansion and mine life extension are in addition to that detailed in the business plan associated with Ferrexpo's listing in London in June, the company said in a press release.
23.11.2007 Source: Ukrainian Journal

Azovstal, Severstal, Rukki to supply steel for Shtokman drilling rings
The Vyborg Shipyard (VSZ) has selected Ukraine's Azovstal, Russia's Severstal and Finland's Rukki to supply steel for construction of drilling rigs for Gazprom subsidiary Gazflot, the Leningrad region shipbuilder's general director, Valery Levchenko said. In addition, Power Machines will supply metal sections. Levchenko said about 40,000 tonnes of metal would be needed to build two platforms, 20,000 tonnes for each. VSZ is building two floating drilling rigs for Gazflot that will be used at the huge Shtokman gas field in the Arctic. The first platform is scheduled for completion in 2010 and the second in 2011.
23.11.2007 Source: Interfax

USH Ukrainian Steel Holdings Ltd. transfers 52.6% stake in Azovstal and 60.99% stake in Avdiyivka coke plant to Metinvest B.V.
Cyprus-based USH Ukrainian Steel Holdings Ltd., which is fully under the control of System Capital Management (SCM), has transferred a 52.634% stake in OJSC Azovstal and a 60.9907% stake in OJSC Avdiyivka coke plant (both in Donetsk region) to Metinvest B.V. (the Netherlands).
23.11.2007 Source: Interfax

Russia's Ingosstrakh insurer pays USD 14.4 million to Azovstal
Russia's Ingosstrakh insurance company has paid USD 14.4 million insurance claim to Ukrainian OJSC Azovstal. Ingosstrakh in October and November paid USD 12 million and USD 2.4 million in compensation for losses due to the blast at OJSC Azovstal. Earlier, the company paid USD 0.99 million. The total claim was USD 15.39 million. On March 23, 2006, an explosion occurred at Azovstal's No. 3 blast furnace, totally destroying it. The company incurred losses from the resulting break in production and commercial activities. Total losses were estimated at USD 30.9 million. In August 2006, the accident was recognized as insurance event and Ingosstrakh paid USD 0.99 million.
22.11.2007 Source: Interfax

USH Ukrainian Steel Holding Ltd. transfers 60.97% stake in Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant to Metinvest B.V.
Cyprus-based USH Ukrainian Steel Holdings Ltd., which is fully under the control of System Capital Management (SCM), has transferred a 60.97% stake in OJSC Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant to Metinvest B.V. (the Netherlands). In early October, it was reported that SCM transferred a 60.97% stake in the plant to Cyprus-based USH Ukrainian Steel Holdings Ltd. "The next and final stake of the SCM corporate restructuring in the mining and metallurgical business will be a transfer of these corporate rights to Metinvest Group, which manages SCM's mining and metallurgical business," read the earlier press release.
22.11.2007 Source: Interfax

Waste processing line of polymers was put into operation at Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant
At Khartsyzsk Tube Works the project of organization the section of waste processing line of polymers was completed. The new modern line allows to receive the granulated polythene from the waste formed during the process of anticorrosive coating on pipes of the large diameter. The size of investments amounts to UAH 1.1 million. Director General of Khartsyzsk Tube Works Andrey Shyshatskyy has commented: "Large-scale modernization of works is carried out within the limits of strategy of development of assets of Metinvest Group : the manufacture oriented on performance of the international ecological norms, provides good working conditions of the staff, high quality, which means competitive ability of production. Clearing for operation of new line will allow us not only to solve a problem of recycling of waste of polythene, but also to receive the additional profit. We expect that the line will pay back within one-two years".
16.11.2007 Source: press service of Khartsyzsk Tube Works

SCM transfers mining works' shares to Metinvest
Ukrainian "System Capital Management Holdings" transferred mining works' shares from USH (Cyprus) to its affiliate Metinvest. According to SCM Director General Oleh Popov, the company means to complete the hand-over of the mining enterprises' corporate rights to Metinvest before 2007 close. SCM holds and runs assets in the mining, energy, telecommunications, banking, insurance, media, retail, and other branches. 90 percent of its stake belongs to Rinat Akhmetov. Metinvest produces 5 M tons of coke and 16 M tons of iron ore per year.
15.11.2007 Source: Ukrinform

Ilyich Iron & Steel Works of Mariupol increased rolled metal output by 1.8% in October
In October, the Mariupol-based Illich Iron & Steel Works increased output of rolled metal by 1.8% or 8,600 tons to 488,900 tons compared to September. In October, the enterprise increased output of steel by 4%, compared to September, or 22,700 tons to 584,100 tons, pig iron production - by 3.5% or 15,300 tons to 451,200 tons, and agglomerate output - by 4% or 43,500 tons to 1,129,800 tons. In January-October 2007, the plant increased output of rolled steel by 2% or 96,900 tons, compared to the relevant period of 2006, to 4,879,600 tons. The Ilyich metallurgical plant specializes in production of rolled sheet. It also produces iron-ore sinter, open-hearth pig iron, cast and rolled slabs, seamless and welded pipes, and gas cylinders. Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol is one of Ukraine's top three steel producers and traditional partner of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
14.11.2007 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Akhmetov snaps up mills in EU
A major Ukrainian steel holding owned by Ukraine's richest man, Rinat Akhmetov, is in the process of acquiring steel production assets in the European market.
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14.11.2007 Source: Kyiv Post

Metinvest has signed agreements to buy steel factories in the UK and Italy
Metinvest, the steel holding controlled by Ukraine's richest man, Rinat Akhmetov, has signed agreements to buy steel factories in the UK and Italy, marking the continued expansion of Ukraine's steel groups in Europe. Metinvest announced on Monday that a subsidiary had signed agreements to purchase Italy's Trametal and Spartan UK from the Malacalza family for an undisclosed amount. The deal is thought to be worth more than EUR 500m (USD 727m). Regulatory approval is expected within 60 days. Metinvest, one of the largest steel groups in Ukraine, itself ranked as one of the top 10 steel-exporting countries, plans to combine Trametal and Spartan with its Italian steel-rolling company, Ferriera Valsider, to create a company with more than 1m tonnes of plate rolling capacity in the European Union.
13.11.2007 Source: Financial Times

Zaporizhstal suspends furnace No. 5 for repairing
The Zaporizhstal metallurgical plant has suspended blast furnace No. 5 for overhauling. The plant suspended the furnace on November 9; the second rate overhaul is supposed to be over in 35 days. The plant intends to upgrade the furnace structure almost completely. Zaporizhstalbud-1 is general contractor for performing the repairs. Previous repair of the furnace was carried out twenty years ago. The plant does not announce the repairing cost. Zaporizhstal produces hot- and cold-rolled steel from carbon, low-alloy, alloyed, and stainless steel. Zaporizhstal Iron & Steel Works is traditional partner of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
13.11.2007 Source: Zaporizhstal press service

Uhrhan & Schwill liefert Schweißanlagen in Ukraine
Der ukraininische Großrohrhersteller Chazysk (CHTS) hat 2 Mio USD in neue Betriebsausrüstung investiert. Mit den Mitteln wurden zwei neue Schweißanlagen beschafft, die vom Essener Unternehmen Uhrhan & Schwill geliefert wurden, das auf Schweißtechnologie spezialisiert ist. Die Anlagen entsprechen modernstem Standard und ermöglichen eine automatisierte Systemsteuerung des Schweißprozesses. Der Investitionszyklus soll im kommenden Jahr durch die Einführung neuer Technik und Technologien fortgesetzt werden, teilte CHTS-Geschäftsführer Andrej Schischazkij unterdessen mit. Geplant ist die Beschaffung neuer Anlagen, darunter auch einer Wasserpresse zur Überprüfung der Großrohre. Die umfassende Sanierung des Werks ist eines der strategischen Ziele der ukrainischen MetInvest-Gruppe, zu deren Bestand CHTS gehört. Das Werk gilt als einer der Branchenführer in der GUS bei der Herstellung von Rohren mit einem Durchmesser von 478 bis 1.420 mm für Gas- und Ölpipelines. Die Kapazität der Produktionsanlagen liegt bei 1,6 Mio t pro Jahr.
12.11.2007 Source: Dow Jones News

TMK, Interpipe fail to agree on merger
Russia's Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK), one of the world's largest steel pipe producers, and Ukraine's Interpipe corporation have not reached agreement on merger, Konstantin Semerikov, TMK's general director, told a press conference. "Interpipe decided to go for an IPO, and there have been no consultations or talks since. We're in the same state right now," Semerikov said. In May of this year, TMK announced that it was in discussion with Interpipe regarding a possible partnership. The Russian and Ukrainian media interpreted this as a possible merger. If the parties had agreed in this regards, their combined annual output would have come to 4.2 million tonnes of pipe, thus overtaking the current world lead in pipe production, Luxembourg-based Tenaris.
10.11.2007 Source: Intefax

Artemovsk Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant to issue new shares
Shareholders of the Artemovsk Nonferrous Metals Processing Plant will hold an extraordinary general meeting on December 24 to consider increasing charter capital by 146% to UAH 252.965 million with a new share issue. The plant intends to place 600,011,763 shares with par value of UAH 0.25 each. Shareholders will also decide on the form of the placement - private or public - and its timeframe. Artemovsk Non-Ferrous is Ukraine's only producer of flat and round products made from copper, its alloys and other nonferrous metals. The plant's main products are sheet, strip, tubes, rods, electrical wire rods, wire, plumbing fixtures and consumer products. The plant can annually produce 72,000 tonnes of castings, 7,000 tonnes of copper roll, 45,000 tonnes of brass roll and 2,000 tonnes of copper-nickel roll.
10.11.2007 Source: Interfax

Vorskla Steel plant Anlagenbeschaffung für neues Werk in Ukraine
Das in der Schweiz registrierte Unternehmen Vorskla Steel hofft noch vor Jahresende auf eine Vertragsunterzeichnung mit der österreichischen VAI Siemens und dem US-Unternehmen Midrex. Gegenstand ist die Lieferung von Betriebsanlagen für das geplante Stahlwerk Vorskla Steel, das im ostukrainischen Gebiet Poltawa entsteht. Im Gespräch sind zwei Midrex-Anlagen zur Stahlverarbeitung mit einer jeweiligen Jahreskapazität von 1,7 Mio t, zwei Elektroschmelzöfen, zwei Gießanlagen und andere Großobjekte. Das Investitionsvolumen in das geplante Stahlwerk wird mit 1,2 Mrd EUR angegeben. Am Standort nahe einer Erzmine sollen künftig Stahlguss und -brammen mit einem Gewicht von bis zu 40 t hergestellt werden. Die Jahreskapazität soll bei 2,5 Mio t liegen. Die Produktion wird vor allem für Osteuropa und den Nahen Osten bestimmt sein. Ein Teil soll nach Ungarn geliefert werden, wo das Unternehmen derzeit ein Walzwerk errichtet, das vermutlich 2010 den Betrieb aufnehmen wird. Hinter Vorskla Steel steht der ukrainische Tycoon Konstantin Schewago, der Mehrheitseigner des Mischkonzerns Finance and Credit Group ist.
09.11.2007 Source: Dow Jones News

Dzerzhynsky Iron & Steel Works to up roll output 2.2% in 2007
The Dzerzhynsky Iron & Steel Works (DMK) plans to increase production of commercial roll by 2.2% this year, to 3.367 million tonnes. The company aims to produce 3.592 million tonnes of pig iron and 3.815 million tonnes of crude steel in 2007, respectively 11.9% and 5.1% more than in the previous year. DMK general director Oleh Dubina said at a shareholder meeting at the end of October that the plant aims to achieve a 15% profit margin, and reduce production and sales costs.
08.11.2007 Source: Interfax

Ukraine announces tender for sale of 25% stake in Palmash plant
Ukraine's State Property Fund has announced a tender for the sale of a 25% plus one share stake in Pavlohrad-based OJSC Palmash plant. According to an announcement published in the Vidomosti Pryvatyzatsii newspaper on Wednesday, the initial price of the stake is UAH 1.723 million. The winner of the tender is obliged to increase sales from UAH 4 million to UAH 4.4 million within five years, and partially pay off the accounts payable of the enterprise, worth UAH 2.48 million. According to the SPF, the plant has been undergoing bankruptcy procedures since July 2006. Palmash plant produces casting equipment and spare parts for it.
08.11.2007 Source: Vidomosti Pryvatyzatsii

Ukraine should create pool of companies to complete KGOKOR construction
Ukraine should not sell Kryvy Rih oxidized ore mill (KGOKOR) to foreign investors, but should create a pool of Ukrainian companies to complete the construction of the facility, Vice-President of Industrial Group, a managing company of the Industrial Union of Donbas, Oleksandr Pylypenko told Interfax-Ukraine. According to him, after the construction is completed, the state should sell a minor stake to the pool participants and to keep a controlling interest in order to impose a stabilizing influence on domestic iron ore raw materials (IORM) market. "Since Ukraine lost Ukrrudprom [the state JSC that united mining and metallurgical assets], it would be more correct for the state not to sell KGOKOR to foreigners, but to sell a minor stake in it to a pool of Ukrainian participants, this way, becoming a player on the IORM market. In order to remain the regulator, control is needed, and the partners in the project will be those who are interested in it," Pylypenko said, adding that this is the conclusion drawn up on the basis of state interests, not the interests of the IUD. He added that Mittal Steel has never been a Ukrainian investor. "This is a transnational company, which will be guided not by Ukrainian but by transnational interests," he said.
07.11.2007 Source: Interfax

ArcelorMittal hails start of dialogue on choosing investor for KGOKOR construction
Arcelor Mittal, the world's largest steel making corporation, has welcomed the actions of Ukrainian authorities to hold an open dialogue on the completion of the building of Kryvy Rih Mining and Enrichment Plant for Oxidized Ores (KGOKOR). "We hail the open dialogue with the Ukrainian government on KGOKOR's construction. Today, it is necessary to find a solution that will match the economic interests of Ukraine and will also take into account the legal interests of all countries taking part in the project, as well as Ukraine's international commitments. Arcelor Mittal remains active participant of this process". According to the press release, Arcelor Mittal views its proposals on the construction of KGOKOR as matching the economic, ecological and technical requirements of the project, as well as taking into account the interests of all international participants in the project.
05.11.2007 Source: press service of OJSC Arcelor Mittal Kryviy Rih

ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih increases roll output 3.8% in 10 months
Arcelor Mittal Kryviy Rih increased roll production tentatively 3.8% year-on-year to 5.912 million tonnes in January-October 2007. In the ten months, the company's steel production grew 8.5% to 6.791 million tonnes, pig iron - 7.7% to 6.031 million tonnes and sinter - 6.5% to 9.995 million tonnes. In October, the company produced 588,000 tonnes of roll, 679,000 tonnes of steel, 592,000 tonnes of pig iron and 968,000 tonnes of sinter. In the ten months, the company's coke producing subsidiary, increased production 13.5% to 2.52 million tonnes while its ore mining division's output of iron concentrate grew 10.3% to 7.036 million tonnes, with iron ore production up 1.7% to 1.631 million tonnes. Arcelor Mittal Kryviy Rih is Ukraine's largest metal producer and partner of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
03.11.2007 Source: Ministry of Economy of Ukraine

MetalUkr lends USD 200 million to its subsidiary
Cypriot MetalUkr Holding Limited, which was created during the restructuring of mining and metallurgical assets of Donetsk-based CJSC System Capital Management, has opened a USD 200 million credit line for OJSC Yenakiyeve Metallurgical Plant. As the plant reported, the credit line was opened for five years with an interest rate of three-month Libor +7.5%. The loan is being attracted to replenish the circulating assets of the enterprise. As of early 2007, the net assets of OJSC Yenakiyeve metallurgical plant were estimated at UAH 729.358 million, while its total assets were estimated at UAH 2.1 billion. According to the report, the loan facility will be issued in several tranches.
03.11.2007 Source: Interfax

Konstantinovka Metallurgical Plant declared bankrupt
Donetsk regional economic court, with its ruling of October 12, 2007, declared OJSC Konstantinovka metallurgical plant bankrupt and initiated liquidation procedures, which will take six months. The bankruptcy of the plant was initiated by Donetsk regional economic court in May 2004. In 2004, the company had net losses of UAH 6.008 million, its net sales were UAH 7.417 million, and its gross income was UAH 8.9 million.
03.11.2007 Source: Interfax

Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant raised ferroalloy output 20.6% in 10 months
Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant (NFP), Ukraine's biggest ferroalloy producer, raised ferroalloy production 20.6% year-on-year in January-October to 871,300 tonnes. The company produced 646,600 tonnes of silicon manganese and 224,700 tonnes of ferromanganese, up 27.5% and 6.65 year-on-year, respectively. NFP produced 76,800 tonnes of ferroalloys in October. NFP raised ferroalloy output 10.2% to 892,900 tonnes in 2006.
03.11.2007 Source: Interfax

Zaporizhia Ferroalloy Works raised ferroalloy output 1.26% in 10 months
Zaporizhia Ferroalloy Works (ZFW) told Interfax that it raised ferroalloy production 1.2% year-on-year in January-October to 438,200 tonnes, including 39,800 tonnes in October. ZFW produced 290,400 tonnes of silicon manganese in the 10 months, down 4.7% year-on-year, and 64,400 tonnes of ferromanganese, down 9.6%, but 69,100 tonnes of ferrosilicon, up 34.2%, and 14,300 tonnes of other ferroalloys. ZFW produces all of the country's medium- and high-carbon ferromanganese and all of its 90%-metallic manganese.
03.11.2007 Source: Interfax

Azovstal put into operation an air separation unit VRU-60
On the 1st of November PJSC Azovstal Iron and Steel Works of Metinvest Group solemnly put into operation an air separation unit VRU-60. Azovstal air separation unit is uniquely designed considering the highest international standards and it has no analogues among the steelmaking and mining enterprises of Ukraine and CIS. National and foreign companies were invited to perform the project: "Kriospektr" Ltd (Ukraine), KSP-2 "Ukrenergochermet" (Ukraine), "Air Liquide" (France), "Siemens" (Germany) and others. The construction of air separation unit became one of the biggest power saving projects of the Works. Commissioning of the new unit will allow Azovstal to solve the problem of oxygen shortage and thus it will be one of the steps to reach a strategic goal which is the production of 8 millions tons of high quality steel per year. Total amount of investment into the project was approximately UAH 364 million.
01.11.2007 Source: press service of Azovstal

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