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Februar 2007
Mittal Steel Kryviy Rih to invest USD 130 million in ore mining by 2009
Mittal Steel Kryviy Rih (formerly Kryvorizhstal), aims to spend more than USD 130 million developing its iron ore mining division in a bid to boost output to 30 million tonnes of iron ore by 2009. The mill produced 18.296 million tonnes of crude iron ore in 2006 and aims to produce 20.5 million tonnes in 2007. The company plans to produce 8.25 million tonnes of iron ore concentrate and 8.26 million tonnes of sinter this year. Mittal Steel Kryviy Rih is Ukraine's biggest steel mill and partner of Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
28.02.2007 Source: press service of Mittal Steel Kryviy Rih

Ukrainian Powder Metallurgy Plant boosts output 47% in January 2007
The state-owned Brovary Powder Metallurgy Plant in the Kyiv region raised production of iron powder tentatively 46.8% year-on-year in January to 530 tonnes. The plant raises output 7.7% in 2006 to 5,873 tonnes. The plant exports most of its iron powder to Russia, Belarus, Turkey and Germany.
28.02.2007 Source: Interfax

Ukrainian Fabricator ups copper roll production 21% in January 2007
Artemivsk Nonferrous Metals Processing Plant (AZOTsM) of Ukraine's Donetsk region boosted copper roll production 21.1% year-on-year in January to 3,330 tonnes. Production rose 13.7% in 2006 to 48,100 tonnes. The plant is Ukraine's only producer of flat and round products from copper, copper alloys and other nonferrous metals, traditional participant of Metal-Forum of Ukraine. It specializes in sheet, strip, tubes, bars, wire rod, wire, bathroom fittings and consumer goods, selling 85% of its output in Ukraine.
28.02.2007 Source: Interfax

Ukrainian President visited NTRP
Victor Yushchenko has visited the Nyzhnyodniprovsky Tube Rolling Plant in Dnipropetrovsk to attend a presentation of a USD 610 mln project to build an electric steel smelting complex, which will replace its outdated open-hearth furnace.
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27.02.2007 Source: Press office of President Victor Yushchenko

InterPipe and Danieli sign contract for construction of electric furnace steel-making complex
The Ukrainian company InterPipe and the Italian company Danieli have signed contract on construction of new electric furnace steel-making complex at Nyzhniodniprovsky Pipe Plant. The target capacity is 1.32 million tonnes of steel annually. The project realization will take 26 months. The new complex will completely satisfy the demand of Interpipe wheel and pipe production in steel.
26.02.2007 Source: Interfax

Ilyich Steel Mill to invest USD 100 million in 2007
Illich Iron & Steel Works of Mariupol in Donetsk region will spend more than UAH 550 million on refurbishments this year. Illich plant planned to build or renovate core equipment in 11 divisions. It is planned to install a coal injection unit for blast furnaces and to install a ladle furnace and degasser in its converter division, among other projects. OJSC Ilyich Iron & Steel Works of Mariupol is one of Ukraine's three biggest steel mills and partner of Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
26.02.2007 Source: Interfax

Mykolaiv Alumina Plant edges output up 0.7% in January 2007
Ukraine's Mykolaiv Alumina Plant, also known as NGZ, the FSU's biggest alumina producer, raised output 0.7% year-on-year in January to 120,200 tonnes of alumina. Production rose 3.3% to 1.41 million tonnes in 2006. Russian aluminum giant Rusal controls NGZ.
26.02.2007 Source: Interfax

Metalloinvest starts KGOKOR project
The Russian management company Metalloinvest has started to implement a project to complete the construction of the Kryvy Rih Mining and Beneficiation Plant for Oxidized Ores (KGOKOR). The Ukrainian government is forming a joint venture to complete KGOKOR. The state will own 50% plus one share in the venture, and the alliance of Russia's Metalloinvest and Ukraine's Smart Group will own the rest. Preliminary estimates put the cost of completing KGOKOR at $804 million. Canadian engineering company Hatch is now appraising the complex's assets.
13.02.2007 Source: Interfax

EBRD allocates USD 85 million to ISTIL
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has allocated a five-year USD 85 million loan to Donetsk Mini Steel Mill ISTIL (Ukraine). The loan allocated to ISTIL Ukraine is made up of a USD 40 million loan to fund working asset requirements and a term loan of USD 45 million that will be used to increase energy efficiency, to install a quality control system and to refinance debt. CJSC Mini Steel Mill ISTIL is one of the most advanced steel mills in Ukraine and partner of Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
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13.02.2007 Source: EBRD press release

Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant doubles output of large-diameter pipes in January
The Khartsyzsk Pipe Mill increased production of large-diameter pipes by 110% year-on-year to 55,900 tonnes in January 2007. Production of pipes with anticorrosion coating grew 130% to 50,000 tonnes in January. Production is expected to grow with the implementation of a comprehensive modernization program that is part of the development strategy of the Metinvest group, of which Khartsyzsk is a unit.
10.02.2007 Source: Press service of Khartsyzsk Pipe Mill

Smart-Group to invest about USD 1B into Makiyivka Metallurgical Plant reconstruction
Zaporizhia-based Smart-group is to invest about $1 billion into the reconstruction of CJSC Makiyivka Metallurgical Plant in order to improve its production efficiency and increase the plant's output capacity. The plan of plant development foresees the construction of own sinter plant, a blast furnace, the modernization of steel smelting facilities and the complete reconstruction of the plant's energy system. The Smart Group is also mulling the construction of a converter plant, which would include two converters with a volume of 180-220 tonnes.
10.02.2007 Source: Press service of Smart-Group

IUD importing coking coal from Canada, Poland
Industrial Union of Donbas (IUD) has begun importing coking coal from Canada and Poland. Ukraine also imported 537,000 tonnes of coking coal from Russia in January. Production of coking coal at Ukrainian mines has been declining since the beginning of this year, forcing consumers to import. Ukrainian steel companies plan to produce 33 million to 35.2 million tonnes of pig iron in 2007, and production of general roll is expected to total 37.5 million tonnes. In order to realize these plans, it will be necessary to import 11 million to 13 million tonnes of coking coal due to supply shortages in Ukraine. The coal is expected to come from Russia, Poland and China.
Source: Coke Industry Association Ukrkoks

AMC allows Industrial Group to control Ukrainian Mining and Metallurgical Company
The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMC) has allowed the Industrial Group to obtain control over the Ukrainian Mining and Metallurgical Company. Industrial Group is owned by Industrial Union of Donbas (IUD) with 40% and Arcelor with 60%. Ukrainian Mining & Metallurgical Company, a partner of Metal-Forum of Ukraine, has about a 20% share of the domestic market for steel products. The company has the most extensive network of regional enterprises, which now operate in 20 regions of Ukraine.
08.02.2007 Source: AMC press service

Ukraine boosts iron ore pellet output in January
Poltava GOK (PGOK) raised commercial pellet production tentatively 41.2% year-on-year in January to 802,000 tonnes of pellets. Iron ore concentrate production grew 35% to 929,000 tonnes.
Pivnichny GOK (PivGOK) mine raised commercial pellet production 40% to 851,000 tonnes. Iron ore concentrate output rose 7.7% to 1.05 million tonnes.
Tsentralny GOK or Central Mining and Beneficiation Plant reduced iron ore pellet output 1% year-on-year in January to 203,000 tonnes. Concentrate production rose by 4.8% to 503,000 tonnes.
Inhulets Mining and Beneficiation Plant, Ukraine's biggest iron ore concentrate producer, raised iron ore concentrate production 8.7% year-on-year in January to 1.001 million tonnes. Crude ore production rose 15.4% to 2.589 million tonnes.
07.02.2007 Source: Interfax

Ukraine raises ferroalloy output in January
Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant (NZF), Ukraine's biggest ferroalloy producer, raised ferroalloy production 20.8% year-on-year in January to 89,300 tonnes. The company produced 63,900 tonnes of silicon manganese against 56,100 tonnes in the first month of last year, and 25,400 tonnes of ferromanganese (16,900 tonnes). The works raised ferroalloy output 10.2% to 892,900 tonnes in 2006.
Zaporizhia Ferroalloy Works (ZZF) edged ferroalloy production up tentatively 0.5% year-on-year in January to 42,800 tonnes. Production rose 2.7% to 30,000 tonnes of silicon manganese and 7.3% to 5,900 tonnes of ferrosilicon, but fell 24.3% to 5,600 tonnes of ferromanganese. ZZF produces all of the country's medium- and high-carbon ferromanganese and all of its 90%-metallic manganese.
07.02.2007 Source: Interfax

New CEO named at Leman-Ukraine
Oleg Olshansky has been appointed the new general director of Leman-Ukraine, the largest metals trader in the country. Olshansky, who formerly headed Germany-based nuclear fuel services firm Internexco GmbH, replaces Nikolai Boichenko, who resigned. Leman-Ukraine has nine service centers in Ukraine with combined warehouse capacity for up to 100,000 tonnes of metal products.
07.02.2007 Source: Interfax

Ukraine's Interpipe switching subsidiaries to common brand
The Interpipe group, Ukraine's largest manufacturer of pipe products and railroad wheels, is switching its subsidiaries to a common brand. Shareholders of the group's Niko Tube Seamless Pipe Plant and Nikopol Pipe Company decided at the end of January to include the Interpipe brand in their names. Shareholders of the group's Nizhnedniprovsky Pipe Rolling Works (NDTZ) will also consider a name change at a meeting on February 9. Interpipe has a 4.1% share of the world market for seamless pipes, and 10% share of the railroad wheel market. It was reported earlier that Interpipe is planning an initial public offering in 2008-2009.
07.02.2007 Source: Interfax

Niko Tube Seamless Pipe Plant to invest USD 30 million in 2007-2009
Interpipe said that Niko Tube's investment program for 2007-2009 would total more than USD 30 million. The money will be spent on expanding production capacity and broadening the product line. Key projects will include launching production of long boiler pipes to foreign standards; modernization of continuous finishing lines; construction of a new heat-treatment line; expanding production of tubing string with upset ends; overhauling the rotary furnace; construction of a final finishing shop for smooth export pipes; and installation of new non-destructive quality control equipment. Niko Tube is Ukraine's largest producer of seamless pipe with diameter of 32 to 114 mm for the oil refining, geological exploration and the engineering sector, as well as general-purpose pipes. The plant has capacity to produce more than 280,000 tonnes per year.
07.02.2007 Source: Interfax

Nikopol Pipe Company to invest USD 80 million in the next two years
Nikopol Pipe Company's investment program for the next two years will top USD 80 million. The company plans to build a new heat-treatment line, install a finishing line for oil and gas pipes, and install a new non-destructive quality control line. Nikopol Pipe Co. specializes in seamless steel pipes with diameter of 146 to 325 mm for the oil and gas industry, engineering sector and general-purpose pipes. It can produce more than 200,000 tonnes per year.
07.02.2007 Source: Interfax

Kiev firm buys 97% of Nikopol Pivdennotrubny Pipe Works
Kiev-based Transportation-Investment Technologies bought 96.67% of Nikopol Pivdennotrubny Pipe Works (NPTZ), the country's largest producer of geological exploration pipes, tubing string and rolled pipes for high-pressure boilers. The company won the tender with a bid of UAH 352.62 million, just barely above the starting price of UAH 352.614 million.
07.02.2007 Source: Interfax

Polish Aluminium Kety to launch production in Ukraine
Polish aluminum firm Grupa Kety expects to launch production in Ukraine within ten days and will consider expanding manufacturing facilities in that country, Chief Executive Dariusz Manko told reporters Thursday, February 1. "We have a large order-book [in Ukraine], the market is very receptive," the CEO said. "That is why investments in just one press is unlikely to be the extent of it."
02.02.2007 Source: Interfax

IUD mulls Eurobond in 2007 to finance modernization of steel assets

Ukrainian steel producer Industrial Union of Donbas, or IUD, plans to launch Eurobonds this year. Although the size of the Eurobond was not disclosed, the company said it needed UAH 3.5 billion this year to upgrade Alchevsk Steel Mill and UAH 1 billion for the Dniprovsky Mill.
02.02.2007 Source: Ukrainian Journal

Zaporizhstal had managed to reduce gas consumption
Zaporizhstal Iron and Steel Works had managed to reduce natural gas consumption from 34 kg per tonne of steel to 20 kg/t after commissioning a new heat-treatment furnace supplied by Austria's Ebner. The company managed to save more than 3 million cubic meters of gas last year. Zaporizhstal is one of the largest industrial enterprises in Ukraine and partner of Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
02.02.2007 Source: Press center of Zaporizhstal JSC.

EBRD to issue USD 150 mln loan to Alchevsk Steel Mill
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is to issue a USD 150 million credit to Alchevsk Steel Mill for cogeneration plant construction. The overall cost of the 303-megawatt co-generation plant is USD 363.1 million. The unit will reduce annual carbon emissions by an estimated 6 million tonnes in its first four years. This is as much as a large European city like Manchester emits in a year. This is the EBRD's biggest loan to date for a private company in Ukraine. Materials distributed at the press conference said that Japanese Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) would lend the Alchevsk plant another USD 120 million for the project and that IUD itself would provide USD 113 million.
01.02.2007 Source: Interfax
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02.02.2007 Source: EBRD press release

Ukrainian biggest Iron and Steel Works in January 2007
Alchevsk Steel Mill boosts roll output 15%
Azovstal reduces roll output 2.7%
Dniprospetsstal boosts roll output 32%
Donetsk Steel Mill boosts roll output 29%
Dzerzhinsky Mill ups roll output 5.8%
Illich Iron and Steel Works boosts roll output 9.2%
ISTIL boosts roll output 45%
Makiyivka Metallurgical Plant boosts pig iron output 46%
Mittal Steel Kryviy Rih boosts roll output 31%
Petrovsky Steel Mill ups roll production 20%
Yenakiyeve Steel Works ups roll output 19%
Zaporizhstal ups roll output 1.6%
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