Metall Forum Ukraine - 2007.
Metall-Forum Ukraine
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Teilnehmer über das Metall-Forum

Teilnehmer über das Metall-Forum of Ukraine


Vladimir Boyko
OJSC Ilyich Iron & Steel Works of Mariupol

"… I am sincerely glad to see this dignified meeting of metal producing and trading elite of Ukraine. I believe that the professionals coming to the Forum are capable for honest and brave discussion of current problems and can offer the solutions for progress and improvements.
I am sure that this already traditional meeting of Ukraine's metal market participants will keep contributing to further strengthening of beneficial relations and development of rolled metal market in the country".

Narendra Chaudhary

Director General, OJSC ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih

"… I am sincerely glad that for already 2 years in a row we are gathering to at the Metal-Forum of Ukraine - to sum up the results, share successes and achievements, and of course to discuss plans for the future.
Annual exhibition-forum in KievExpoPlaza exhibition center based in the capital city has become a good international tradition. Let me emphasize that for us - representatives of OJSC ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih - the largest metallurgical company of Ukraine - it is a big honor to participate in the anniversary 5th exhibition. On behalf of the entire enterprise, let me thank organizers of the event. For us, participants of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine - 2007, it is a wonderful opportunity to discuss in person current issues, problems, and innovations applied at enterprises, as well as set up new business contacts".

Vitaliy Satskiy
Chairman, Director General, OJSC Zaporozhstal

"… I am pleased to notice that this - already traditional - meeting of metal producers, operators of related industries, metal traders, and metal consumers demonstrates active professional dialogue between producers and consumers of Ukrainian metal. Opinion exchange, discussion of problems and plans, and setting of beneficial contacts during regular communication at the Forums contribute to the progress of our industry and the entire metal community of Ukraine".

Nikolay Boychenko
Director General, LLC Ukrainian Metallurgical Company (UGMK)

"… As a partner of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine for the fourth year in a row, we evidence its growing importance for domestic rolled metal market as each year goes by. It is the epicenter of informal dialogue and decision making for all its operators - bringing together metal producers, traders, and consumers in Ukraine.
We believe in development of Ukrainian metallurgy in long-term outlook and want to see the Metal-Forum of Ukraine as a key link between Ukrainian market players"

Faruk Siddiki
First Vice-President, CJSC Mini Steel Mill ISTIL (Ukraine)

"…As earlier, the current Metal-Forum is a central event of the year for metallurgic and metal trading community of Ukraine as well as companies from related industries. Its reputation beyond Ukrainian border keeps growing, and the evidence are foreign guests present here.
We are glad that the Metal-Forum is not only the exhibition, but the ground to share experience and the site for active discussing of metallurgic industry problems. By tradition, the discussions include not only specialists from the industry, but also representatives from the government, economic experts, and scientists"

Vasiliy Kharakhulakh
Director General, Metallurgprom Union, Honored Metallurgist of Ukraine

"… It is my pleasure to mention that the key theme of the Fifth anniversary meeting of metal producers, traders, and consumers is overhaul technical re-equipment and modernization of mining and metallurgical companies, expanding of their capacities for satisfying of domestic metal market demand. Important issues are energy, raw stock, and environmental problems of Ukrainian metallurgy put up for discussion.
Annual meetings "Metal-Forum of Ukraine" give top executives of various metal consuming ministries and metallurgical enterprises, as well as metal market participants and potential investors a unique opportunity for personal communication - to discuss and solve these problems, as well as find new partners for implementing of joint investment projects. It will contribute to greater capacities of metallurgical and other enterprises of the industry at metal product markets"

Leonid Ksaverchuk

President of the Association of Mining and Metallurgical Industry of Ukraine
Director General of UkrTruboProm (Ukrainian Tube Industry) Association

"…the tradition of communication within united metal community - metal producers, metal trading companies, and operators of related industries - has been set up and living.
I believe that business meetings and exchange of ideas during the Forum will encourage new business contacts between producers and consumers of metal producers - aimed to further develop Ukrainian market of metal products, including tubes as well"

Anatoliy Starovoyt
Director General of UkrKoks (Ukrainian Coke) Association

"…Our professional communication gives chance to discuss problems of the industry and work out joint solutions, which contribute to its development and prosperity. We are sure that such meetings as the Metal-Forum help strengthening beneficial cooperation between metal producers and related industries representatives, and help working out joint position aimed at prosperity of the Ukrainian economy"

Andrey Fedoseyev

President of the Ukrainian Association of Metal Traders

"… I am pleased to note that almost all members of the Ukrainian association of metal traders have been participating in these unique meetings since they were set up - making their contribution to forming of the tradition of professional platform for local metal market participants.
Members of the Association of metal traders are confident that this Forum will help unifying of all metal market operators - for the sake of its growth and quality improvement, as well as for successful development of our business"

Alexey Kredisov

Managing Partner, Ernst & Young in Ukraine

"… For the fourth year running, Ernst & Young company has become the official consultant of the Metal-Forum. In our job, we - the company providing auditing and consulting services - apply by-industry approach: a separate group of our specialists is focused on services for industrial production segment. Reputation of Ernst & Young has been built by the vast experience of our specialists, which they received while working directly with the leading metallurgic and machine-building enterprises in Ukraine and abroad. For this very reason, we are highly interested in the Metal-Forum - the all-Ukrainian scale event, which gathers the most powerful and progressive companies of mining and metallurgical industry"

Igor Burakovskiy
Director of the Institute of Economic Research and Political Consulting

"… 5th anniversary meeting of metal market operators in Kiev proves that the annual Metal-Forum has become an important event in the country's economic life.
Today the list of issues discussed at the Forum is not limited to problems of mining and metallurgical industry - that is why discussions among metal market participants, politicians, and experts are extremely important for understanding of economic processes' dynamics. And it is not an accident - most often it is the very mining and metallurgical industry first facing the problems, solutions to which greatly determine economic development of the country"

Dmitriy Stalinskiy

PhD Technical Science, Director General of Energostal Ukrainian State Scientific and Technical Center

"… This meeting of professionals, which gives opportunity to discuss plans, search new partners, expand business contacts among metal producers and consumers, science representatives, and related industries' specialists.
The Fifth anniversary exhibition is a chance for personal communication and discussion of industrial problems, as well as exchange of professional experience. "Metal-Forum of Ukraine" is a strengthening of open partner relations and search of the best solutions for development of the industry and business".

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