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November 2009
China wants to buy Ukrainian technologies
Chinese companies are interested in purchasing Ukrainian technologies for manufacturing rolled products from titanium sponge. China's largest iron and steel producers Kunming Iron&Steel Group and Huaxia Special Metalls Group are holding talks with Ukrainian manufacturers of titanium rolled products. China's key objective is to buy technologies in Ukraine enabling to make rolled products from titanium sponge and establish a joint venture with that end in view.
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30.11.2009 Source: AboutUA

Industrial Policy Ministry Drafts Law On Providing Companies Of Ore-Mining And Metallurgical Industry And Chemical Industry With State Guarantees For Modernizing Production Facilities In 2010-2014
29.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukraine and Russia continue talk on pipes delivery in Russia
The meeting of the Ukraine and Russia Committee on economic cooperation which took place in Yalta last week failed to approve a decision about the terms of Ukrainian pipes delivery to Russia. The Ukrainian version of a new draft of the duty free agreement includes a proposal of about a 30% decrease in the duty free quota keeping this level unchanged for the next three years. This agreement deals with pipes of oil assortment 80% of which are produced by the Interpipe Holding companies, including the Interpipe Novomoskovsk Pipe Plant.
29.11.2009 Source: Interfax

China to buy metallurgy know-how from Ukraine
Two big Chinese metallurgical companies, Kunming Iron&Steel Group and Huaxia Special Metals Group, have a stake in mutually beneficial cooperation with their Ukrainian partners. Particularly, Chinese businessmen are interested in buying the technology of electron-beam furnaces, developed by Ukrainian scientists. They are also ready to take part in the creation of joint Ukraine - China ventures for the production of titanium alloys and rolled stock on their basis. Kunming Iron&Steel Group Director Youling Li voiced hope that the development of titanium alloy production in China will proceed at a high pace. "The production of titanium alloys is a new industry to China, that is why we hope for Ukraine's support, its experience, knowledge and equipment," he said. The ULIE says implementation of China's initiatives will provide several industrial enterprises in Ukraine with orders for the production of high-tech systems and mechanisms.
27.11.2009 Source: press service of the Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

Flat rolled steel exports 6.3% up to 580,400 tons in October
Steel pipes exports down by 16.6% to 110,700 tons in October
Exports of ferroalloys 3.1% up to 95,700 tons in October
Iron ore exports down by 14.8% to 2.6 million tons in October
Iron ore imports fall by 10.4% to 251,600 tons in October
27.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukraine cuts pipe export
In October, export of steel pipes from Ukraine reduced by 16.6% or by 22,100 tons against September to 110,700 tons. Proceeds from selling of pipes in October decreased by 16.5% or by USD 21.51 million to USD 108.73 million. Against October 2008, export of steel pipes reduced by 31.7% or by 51,360 tons. In January-October 2009 against January-October 2008, export of steel pipes reduced by 27.5% or by 439,800 tons and made up 1.160 million tons at USD 1.192 billion.
27.11.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Ukraine increases semi-finished steel exports
Ukraine's semi-finished steel exports in October 2009 went up by 23.4% making 1,116 million tons against September. The exports earnings grew by 34.9% to reach USD 432,660 million. In January-October 2009, semi-finished steel exports reduced by 10.5% equaling 9,799 million tons at USD 3,309 billion compared to the like period of 2008. In 2008, semi-finished steel exports increased by 6.7% totaling 12,617 million tons at USD 8,657 billion year-over-year.
27.11.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Ferrous scrap exports down by a quarter
Ferrous scrap exports from Ukraine in October 2009 fell down by 26.3% to make 129,950 tons after September. The exports proceeds reduced by 19.7% to USD 33,500 million. In October 2009, ferrous scrap exports grew by 3.9 times compared to October 2008. In January-October 2009 to January-October 2008, ferrous scrap exports grew by 25.1% making 726,800 tons at USD 164,800 million.
27.11.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Exports of unfinished steel products 23.4% up to 1.1 million tons in October
Exports of ferrous scrap metals 26.3% down to 129,950 tons in October
Coke exports up by 75.4% to 100,000 tons in October
Alumina exports 6.2% up to 129,300 tons in October
26.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukraine boosts cast iron exports by 21%
Cast iron exports from Ukraine in October against September rose by 21% making 122,860 tons. The cast iron exports earnings increased by 30.6% to USD 32,190 million. The main importer for Ukrainian cast iron in October was Turkey with a total exports chare of 62,600 tons (51%). Over nine months of 2009, Ukraine has cut cast iron exports by 3.2% reaching 1,184,470 tons at USD 307,430 million YoY.
25.11.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Ukraine steel consumption in 10 months down by 38% YoY
According to the data issued by metal trading enterprise Ukrainian Mining and Metallurgical Company (UGMK), in January to October this year Ukraine consumed about 4.72 million tonnes of rolled steel products down by 37.8% YoY. During the period in question, the share of imports in the domestic rolled steel product market decreased to 11.9% YoY from 20.4%YoY amounting to 591,000 tonnes. UGMK is one of the traditional partners of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
21.11.2009 Source: SteelOrbis

Ukrainian economy to recover in 2011-2012
The Ukrainian economy will revive in 2011-2012, when the country restores the pre-crisis production levels, says National Bank Executive Director for Macroeconomics Ihor Shumylo "This year the decline [production] will be 14%, and 3-4% next year. In other words, another 10% of difference against 2008. If we are growing by 5%, so this is 2011-2012," he said. According to Shumylo, the Ukrainian business has once again adapted to the crisis much better that we could expect amid the current activities of the authorities.
20.11.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Ukraine intends to prolong agreement with Russia on duty free import of pipes
Ukraine intends to prolong an agreement with Russia on duty free import of pipes, Economics Minister Bohdan Danylyshyn said at a meeting of the Ukrainian-Russian Intergovernmental Committee on Economic Cooperation. On December 31, 2009, an agreement expires on regulation of supplies of some types of steel pipes from Ukraine to the Russian customs territory. The agreement provides for restriction of pipe supplies from Ukraine and proposes anti-damping measures regarding the volumes specified by the parties. The volume of Ukrainian pipe products supplied to Russia under the agreement does not exceed 5% of total volume of the Russian pipe market. For 2009, the quota makes up 427,600 tons. A number of Russian oil companies, as well as the Energy Ministry and the Federal Antimonopoly Service spoke in favor of prolongation of the agreement for 2010.
19.11.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Ukrainian rolled metal consumption increases in October
In October consumption of rolled metal increased by 19% MoM and reached 564,670 tonnes. This is the 2009 maximum to date. An increase in purchases was marked in machine building, iron ore and steel industry, railways, pipe makers and metal traders. However, consumption levels in construction, chemistry and food industry have declined. According to Millennium Capital analyst "We see this news as positive, despite the fact that this level of consumption is much lower than a year before. We think that it is an increase in the domestic consumption of some products that proved that the bottom has indeed been already scrapped for our industrial production."
19.11.2009 Source: Millennium Capital

Scrap metal supplies to steel mills stabilizing
The average daily supplies of scrap metal to Ukrainian steel mills in October 2009 amounted to 17,000 tons (528,500 tons over the month), according to Metalurgprom. Scrap metal supplies to steel plants fell by 33% in the first ten months of 2009 year-over-year, to 3.65 million tons. A total of 4.4 million tons of scrap metal is expected to be supplied in 2009, which is 1.5 million tons less than in 2008. Steelmakers will need 500,000 tons of scrap metal in December 2009 in order to ensure the planned amount of products. The Metallurgprom association of metallurgical companies is one of the organizers of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
19.11.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Rolled metal production cut down
Consumption of rolled metal in January-October dropped by 41% against the same period of 2008 to 4.259 million tons, import - by 70% t? 519,200 tons, President of the Ukrainian Association of Metal Traders Andriy Fedoseyev informed. Pipe enterprises cut down purchases of national and imported rolled metal by 35% t? 1.272 billion tons, construction enterprises - by 70% t? 63,804 tons, hardware plants - by 32% t? 353,840 tons, railway enterprises - increased by 27% t? 86,810 tons. Metal trade enterprises, including the small ones, dropped purchases by 53% t? 1.143 million tons, machine building enterprises - by 66% t? 455,480 tons, mining and smelting enterprises increased purchases by 23% to 776,000 tons. The share of metal traders in total consumption volume on the internal market made up 27%, pipe enterprises - 31%, machine building enterprises - 11%, mining enterprises - 18%, hardware enterprises - 8%, construction enterprises - 1%, railway enterprises - 2% and other enterprises - 2%. Ukrainian Association of Metal Traders is one of the organizers of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
18.11.2009 Source: Ukrinform

IUD sees recovery in Ukrainian steel sector
Ukrainian steel giant Industrial Union of Donbass feels that the regulation about increasing the competitiveness of mining and steel industry in Ukraine will finally lead to recovery. Mr Sergey Taruta, Chairman of the board of Directors of IUD, said "Currently there are some improvements but we can't speak about changing the situation in the whole mining and steel branch. Today metallurgists do not have problems with sales, there's a problem of cost. It doesn't allow the metallurgists to enter the market with attractive prices." Mr Taruta added that "Enterprises have the shortage of circulating assets since they have to make advance payments for raw materials, and the consumers pay for the factory shipments by installments. At the same time we can't expect that the government will give us money because it's a utopia. But there exist other mechanisms. It's the law which we called the regulation about the increase of the competitiveness of the enterprises. We called it in such a way not to be sanctioned for protectionism by other countries. The mechanism provides for granting the state guarantees for taking out loans for the modernization of the mills of mining and steel branch. There's one more mechanism which involves advance payments for the reduction of emissions within the framework of Kyoto protocol. Both mechanisms are quite real variants."
16.11.2009 Source: IUD

Steel output to reach 29.5 million tons in 2009 - Industrial Policy Ministry
In 2009, Ukraine will produce about 29.5 million tons of steel, Industrial Policy Minister Volodymyr Novytskyi told a news briefing. He said in October steel output was 10% more than in September. The minister also added that in October about 80,000 - 85,000 tons of steel a day on the average was produced, and 2.703 million tons for the whole of the month. The rolled steel output in October made 2.540 million tons, Novytskyi said adding this is 1.5 times up on last October. On the whole, 24.3 million tons of steel was produced during the first ten months of 2009, against 33.6 million tons over the like 2008 period.
16.11.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Industrial output 6.2% down in October
16.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukrainian steel imports in 10 months down by 63% YoY
According to the data released by metal trading enterprise Ukrainian Mining and Metallurgical Company (UGMK) during January to October of 2009 Ukraine imports of steel products registered a decline of 63.5% YoY to about 591,000 tonnes. In October this year, the country steel product imports amounted to 62,100 tonnes down by 54.8% YoY and showing a decline of 7% MoM. UGMK considers that the seasonal drop of demand from steel consuming industries and the deterioration of the country economic and financial situation are the main factors causing the decline of imports to Ukraine. According to the UGMK report, in the January to October period, Ukraine main importer of steel was the pipe sector which increased its share of overall steel imports into the country to 42.6% YoY from 29.8% YoY meanwhile the local metal trade sector has continued to see a decrease in its share of steel imports from 31.3% to 19.6%YoY. UGMK is one of the traditional partners of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
14.11.2009 Source: SteelOrbis

In December metallurgical enterprises to increase production by 3%
Ukrainian metallurgical enterprises plan in December of 2009 to increase production of the major produce kinds in comparison to the one declared for November by 2.9%-3.5%. This was declared by the General Director of Metalurgprom holding Vasiliy Kharulakh today in Dnipropetrovsk at the monthly balance meeting of the mining and smelting enterprises representatives. According to his words, rolled metal output in December is to increase by 3.5% - up to 2.65 mn. tons, cast iron - to 2.45 mn. tons, and steel production - by 2.9% - to 2.84 mn. tons. The Metallurgprom association of metallurgical companies is one of the organizers of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
12.11.2009 Source: Metalurgprom

Ferroalloy output down 41.5% in ten months
Ferroalloy plants reduced ferroalloy output in January-October 2009 YoY to 810,700 tons. The production of silicon manganese fell by 33.8% to 582,000 tons, ferromanganese by 72.6% to 98,500 tons, ferrosilicon by 15.9% to 117,800 tons, whereas metallic manganese output grew by 44.2% to 12,400 tons.
12.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian Association of Ferroalloy Producers

Ukrainian seamless casing and tubing import quota utilization
According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Economy, till November 1st 2009 Russia and other countries utilized 76.53% of the new annual quota imposed by Ukraine for seamless casing and tubing imports with outside diameter up to 406.4 mm, supplying a total of 11,655 tonnes. The new quota for the period starting from October 1st 2009, through September 30th 2010 stands at 15,230 tonne of seamless casing and tubing imports up by 726 tonnes compared to the previous annual quota.
In particular, Russia utilized 100% of its quota, having received licenses to export 10,827 tonnes of seamless casing and tubing to Ukraine, Romania utilized 71.84% of its quota ie, 137 tonnes of the licensed 190 tonnes, Poland utilized 31.8% of its new quota, ie, 319 tonnes of a licensed 1,003 tonnes, Austria used 13.3% of its quota, ie 297 tonnes of an allowed 2,231 tonnes while other countries utilized 10.7% of their quotas, ie 76 tonnes of a licensed 713 tonnes of seamless casing and tubing. Meanwhile, Slovakia, India and China, having received licenses to export 156 tonnes, 66 tonnes and 44 tonnes respectively to Ukraine have not yet started to use their quotas.
11.11.2009 Source: SteelOrbis

Importers of pipes use 76.5% of annual quota for supplies of seamless pipes to Ukraine
Metal enterprises use quota for delivery of cold rolled metal to Russia for 46.3%
Steelmakers use 22% of quota for supplies of rebars to Russia
Ferroalloys production up by 3.1% to 128,000 tons In October
09.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukrainian steel industry decline slowing down
Ukrainian steel industry reduced finished roll output 23%YoY in January to October to 21.708 million tonnes. The industry cut roll output 34%YoY in January to July and 30% in January to August and 27% in January to September, so the latest figures indicate that the severe decline in the industry is still slowing. Crude steel production plummeted 28% in the ten months to 24.34 million tonnes and pig iron fell 25% to 21.031 million tonnes. The country produced 1.338 million tonnes of steel pipes down by 37%YoY.
Iron ore concentrate production fell 15% to 44.29 million tonnes prepared iron ore fell 21% to 45.397 million tonnes, including pellets by 11% to 16.616 million tonnes and sinter ore 26% to 28.638 million tonnes; and crude iron ore was down 19% to 53.049 million tonnes.
Ukrainian coke production fell 18% to 14.315 million tonnes. Scrap deliveries to Ukrainian steel mills were down 33% from January to October last year to 3.65 million tonnes.
Steel industry output in Ukraine started to plummet in August last year due to a drop in demand, particularly in October to December. Some steel mills stopped some of their capacity. However signs of improvement have been seen since May.
04.11.2009 Source: Interfax

Ukraine boosts rolled metal production
In October, finished steel production increased by 8.3% or by 185,000 tons against September to 2.411 million tons. In January-October 2009, finished metal production reduced against January-October 2008 by 22.8% or by 6.404 million tons to 21.696 million tons. In 2008, finished metal production reduced against 2007 by 12.6% or by 4.530 million tons and made up 31.489 million tons.
04.11.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Cast iron production 9.2% up
In October, cast iron production increased in Ukraine by 9.2% or by 192,000 tons against September to 2.272 million tons. In January-October 2009 against January-October 2008, cast iron production was cut down by 20.9% or by 5.544 million tons to 21.027 million tons. In 2008, cast iron production reduced against 2007 by 13.1% or by 4.654 million tons to 30.776 million tons.
04.11.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Steel production 11.4% up to 2.7 million tons in October
Pig iron production 9.2% up to 2.3 million tons in October
Production of rolled metal 8.3% up to 2.4 million tons in October
Production of steel pipes 6.7% down to 131,800 tons in October
Production of iron ore materials 1.4% up to 6.3 million tons in October
Coke production 8.4% up to 1.5 million tons in October
03.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukrainian steel mills reducing their losses
Ukrainian steel mills had a loss of UAH 4.655 billion (UAH 7.99 / USD 1) in the first nine months of 2009, Metalurgprom has reported. The association said that the losses of steelmakers had been falling in recent months. Steel plants had a loss of UAH 2.533 billion in the first quarter of 2009, UAH 1.639 billion in the second quarter, and UAH 483 million in the third quarter. The Metalurgprom association of metallurgical companies is one of the organizers of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
03.11.2009 Source: Metalurgprom

März 2009
Berlin: Ukraine Wirtschaftsforum vom 21.04. – 23.04.2009
Deutsch – Ukrainische Wirtschaftskonferenz
Während der Veranstaltung werden ukrainische Unternehmen und Projekte aus den Bereichen Immobilien- und Bauwirtschaft, Transport / Logistik / Infrastruktur, Energiewirtschaft, Kommunalwirtschaft, IT / Medienwirtschaft, Tourismus und Hotellerie präsentiert und Möglichkeiten der Kooperation vorgestellt.
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Politische Krise
Wirtschaftskooperation mit der EU
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24.03.2009 Source: Forschungsstelle Osteuropa an der Universität Bremen

Interview: Hryvnia Boosts Ukraine Steel But Not Enough -Execs
The steep devaluation of Ukraine's currency has been a boon for Ukrainian steelmakers in the export market, but it hasn't offset a squeeze to margins caused by a global slump in steel demand, senior executives at privately owned Ukrainian conglomerate Smart Holding, said.
"Ukraine's steel capacity utilization was approximately 50% at the end of last year and now is
increasing to approximately 70% to 80%," Vitali Simonenko, head of strategy and corporate
development at Smart Holding, said during the same interview.
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23.03.2009 Source: Dow Jones Newswires

Ukraine's steel earnings buckle with the world economy
World steel prices are highly sensitive to global economic downturns. The earnings of major steel exporters such as Ukraine are therefore closely linked to trends in the world economy. As global car manufacturing and construction activity-and hence steel prices-have sunk in the deepening world slowdown, Ukraine's fortunes have been dragged down too, weighed down further by overdue policy decisions.
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Source: Finance & Development March 2009

Ukrainian steel output could drop 19% in 2009 - Ministry
Steel production in Ukraine could fall 19.1% in 2009, to 30 million tonnes from 37.1 million tonnes in 2008, Deputy Industrial Policy Minister Serhiy Hryschenko said Tuesday. The country's steel output could even fall below 30 million tonnes due to weak demand, Hryschenko said at a press club meeting at Interfax offices on the situation in Ukraine's mining and metals sector. "Everything is determined by orders," he said.
Steelmakers are currently operating at about 75% of last year's figures, he said. Average daily steel production has risen from 68,500 tonnes in January to 82,800 tonnes in February and 81,900 tonnes in the first nine days of March. The steel industry has been hit harder by the crisis than other sectors because of its heavy reliance on foreign markets, with over 70% of production exported, Hryschenko said.
11.03.2009 Source: Interfax

Kiewer Lokalpolitik
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11.03.2009 Source: Forschungsstelle Osteuropa an der Universität Bremen

Steelmakers use 74% of annual quota for supply of cold-rolled steel to Russia
Pipe importers to Ukraine run out of 82.7% of annual seamless-pipe quota
04.03.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Production of iron ore materials up by 7% to 4.5 million tons in February
Steel production up by 9.2% to 2.3 million tons in February
Pig iron production up by 5.5% to 2 million tons in February
Production of rolled metal up by 0.8% to 2 million tons in February
Production of steel pipes up by 51.9% to 126,700 tons in February
02.03.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Februar 2009
Mitsubishi presents energy saving technologies at meeting with Tymoshenko
Japan's Mitsubishi Corporation is ready to cooperate with Ukraine in the field of energy saving technologies of smelting cast iron and steel, in motor car industry and in the application of the advanced compressors.
The respective projects were presented by members of the Japanese corporation at a meeting with Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Mitsubishi demonstrated electric motor cars driven by electricity instead of petroleum products. According to the representatives of the Japanese corporation suggested use such electric vehicles in Ukraine as the country produces excessive amount of electricity. The corporation presented the energy saving technologies of smelting cast iron and steel, as well as the advanced compressors. These compressors comply with all the standards of ecological compatibility and safety and are supplied for the pipelines to the CIS states, Mitsubishi representatives said. Besides, these technologies can be applied in housing utilities sector. Tymoshenko welcomed the presented projects and noted, Ukraine would study them and offered to consider them in detail at the Ukrainian-Japanese business cooperation meeting slated for March.
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is among Japan's largest trading companies. The corporation opened its office in Kyiv in 1993. The corporation is selling cars and tires in Ukraine. In 2008 the commodities turnover of the corporation with Ukraine reached USD 616 million.
16.02.2009 Source: Kyiv Post

Ukraine attempts to involve Japan in upgrading metallurgical enterprises and gas transport system
Ukraine negotiates with Japanese government to involve Japanese companies in upgrading and reconstructing this country's metallurgical enterprises and the gas transport systems. If Ukraine and Japan signs the agreement, the Cabinet of Ministers will initiate a bill on compulsory modernization and reconstruction of Ukrainian metallurgical enterprises to protect environment, Tymoshenko said. The bill will envisage compulsory inspection of enterprises' conditions by engaging Japanese experts. The government also interested in modernizing and reconstructing gas transport systems to boost their efficiency, the prime minister added. The agreement is likely to be signed in March during a visit of the Ukrainian governmental delegation to Japan. Tymoshenko proposes the Japanese government to arrange an intergovernmental agreement on reconstructing Ukrainian engineering networks. She met with the delegation of Japanese Sumitomo, Marubeni, Mitsubishi, Itochu, Sojitz and Mitsui corporations on February 13 and promised government's support to the Japanese companies which will invest in the Ukrainian projects. The Prime Minister asked for the representatives of powerful Japanese corporations to organize one team to propose investment into existing and new projects. In particular, she outlined 29 large projects totaling USD 6 billion, as well as 358 projects related to green investments to the sum of USD 10 billion.
14.02.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Ferroalloy output to increase in February amid resurgent demand
Ukraine plans to increase ferroalloy output in February from the previous month as demand for the commodity has been growing, reported UkrFa, the Association of Ukrainian ferroalloy producers. Ukraine's biggest ferroalloy producer, Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant (NFP), plans to increase ferroalloy output by 64% on the month to 30,100 mt in February, up from 18,300 mt produced in January, the association said.
12.02.2009 Source: Ukrainian Journal

Ukrainian steel industry edging output up
Ukraine's steel industry continues to edge production volumes up after these plummeted in the second half of last year. The industry produced 1.867 million tonnes of pig iron in January - still 38% less than in the same month of last year; 2.123 million tonnes of crude steel, down 42%; and 2.08 million tonnes of roll, down 35% from a year previously, Vasyl Kharakhulakh, general director of the Metallurgprom association, said at a conference of mining and metals sector. Average daily output has risen to about 70% of last year's level. This was 60,200 tonnes for pig iron in January, but 70,300 tonnes in the first eight days of February. The steel industry is operating steadily, even though it is not producing as much as a year ago. Kharakhulakh said 28 of the country's 43 blast furnaces were operating and 15 were idling. Seven of them have been decommissioned and seven are being overhauled. He said 15 of the country's 21 converters and 19 of its 42 open-hearth furnaces were running.
11.02.2009 Source: Interfax

Metalurgprom is expecting production of 2.4 million tons of steel in March. The Metallurgprom association of metallurgical companies is one of the organizers of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
11.02.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Die ukrainische Wirtschaft zum Jahresanfang 2009
Aktuelle Wirtschaftszahlen
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10.02.2009 Source: Forschungsstelle Osteuropa an der Universität Bremen

Ukrainian pipe production in January dips
According Ukrtruboprom Association preliminary data shows that Ukrainian pipe producers cut production by 48.1%YoY in January 2009 to 84500 tonnes. The production also was lower compare to December 2008. Only Khartsyzsk Tube Works the CIS biggest and Ukrainian only extra large diameter pipe producer increased its output YoY, HRTR also decreased production by MoM as well as other pipe producers. Pipe manufacturers and traders are waiting for spring time when pipe market traditionally revives. January price increase can push the traders to buy right now to make up the stores in expectations of further price rising.
09.02.2009 Source: Ukrtruboprom

Russian and other companies use up 82% of Ukrainian steel casing and compressor pipe import quota
Russian and other companies jointly supplied 81.8% of Ukraine's import quota of 14,504 tonnes of steel seamless casing and compressor pipes during the first year of its introduction from October 1, 2008 to September 30, 2009, receiving licenses to supply 11,865 tonnes of pipes. The ministry said that Russian companies used 100% of their quota, receiving licenses to supply 10,310.96 tonnes of pipes. Austrian companies received licenses to supply 681 tonnes of pipes or 32% of the quota (2,125 tonnes), Romanian companies - 63,350 tonnes or 35% of the quota (181 tonnes), and companies from other countries - 475.3 tonnes or 70% of the quota (679 tonnes).
As reported, in June 2008, the interagency commission for international trade decided to impose special three-year quotas on the import of steel seamless casing and compressor pipes, irrespective of the country of origin. The total quota for the current year is 14,504 tonnes.
From October 1, 2009 to September 30, 2010, the quota is to be increased by 5%, to 15,230 tonnes with a proportional rise for the countries, and from October 1, 2010 to September 30, 2011 the quota will grow by 10% compared to the quotas in the first year of their introduction, to 15,955 tonnes.
Earlier, Ukrtruboprom reported that the grounds for the start of a dumping investigation in September 2007 were a jump in imports of these types of pipes. In 2003-2006, their imports grew by more than 2.2 times, which led to a 42% fall in shipments of these products by domestic producers in 2007. The share of imports of steel casing and compressor pipes to Ukraine in 2007 grew from 29% to 43%. Imports to Ukraine of Chinese pipes alone grew by almost 17 times.
06.02.2009 Source: Interfax

Chinese export levels to help Ukrainian and Russian steelmakers
Export levels of Chinese steel products remain higher than export levels from Ukraine and Russia. Export prices for Chinese flat products stays at a level of USD 550 per tonnes to USD 590 per tonnes FOB for hot rolled coils and USD 615 per tonnes to USD 640 per tonnes for cold rolled ones. At the same time deliveries of hot rolled coils from the CIS pass at the price of USD 420 per tonnes to USD 450 per tonnes CFR. Ukrainian, Russian and Indian steel suppliers are measured to take advantage of such situation and to sell their products.
04.02.2009 Source:

Ukraine's economy grew by 4.7% in 2008
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has changed its forecast for Ukrainian economic development in 2009 from the 1% growth predicted in November 2008 to a 5% decline. The bank said that EBRD has revised its average 2009 growth forecast for 30 states where it has investments to 0.1%, compared with a prediction of 2.5% made in November last year.
04.02.2009 Source: Ukrainian Journal

Ukrainian pipe production fell in January
According Ukrtruboprom Association, Ukrainian Pipe Producers Association, preliminary data shows that Ukrainian pipe producers cut production by 48.1% YoY in January 2009 to 84.5 thousands tons. The production also was lower compare to December 2008 (29.8%). Only Khartsyzsk Tube Works, the CIS biggest and Ukrainian only extra large diameter pipe producer increased its output YoY (in 9.6 times, the beginning of 2008 was very bad for HRTR), HRTR also decreased production by MoM (17.9%) as well as other pipe producers.
04.02.2009 Source: Ukrtruboprom

Ukrainian steel majors cut output in January
Most of Ukraine's biggest steel mills reduced finished roll production considerably in January 2009. ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih, the country's biggest steel mill, reduced finished roll production tentatively 42.9%YoY to 337,000 tonnes. Azovstal said it reduced roll output 53.2%YoY to 222,000 tonnes, Zaporizhstal reduced it 25%, also to 222,000 tonnes and the Ilich Iron & Steel Works of Mariupol saw output plummet 57.3% to 194,000 tonnes. The Alchevsk Iron & Steel Works, a member of the Industrial Union of Donbass group, cut roll output 10.8%YoY to 273,000 tonnes, but IUD's Dzerzhinsky Metallurgical Combine (DMK) increased it
03.02.2009 Source: Interfax

Steel production up by 5.9% to 2.1 million tons in January
Production of rolled metal up by 6% to 2 million tons in January
Pig iron production up by 12.1% to 1.9 million tons in January
Production of steel pipes down by 30% to 83,000 tons in January
Coke production up by 12.5% to 1.2 million tons in January
03.02.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Metallurgy in Ukraine: A Do-Not-Resuscitate patient?
Metals and Steel works in Ukraine were the first to suffer with the economic crisis but it seems that now they will also be the first to bounce back.
PDF Download
02.09.2009 Source: NEW EUROPE

Januar 2009
Ukrainian Industry Ministry predicts 8-10% increase in steel production in February
In February average daily steel output will grow by 8-10% to 71.3-73.7 thousand tons. Such forecast was announced today by Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy, Serhiy Hryshchenko. According to his words, steel output will grow due to rally in global market. In January 2009, the average daily steel output increased by 10% comparing to December 2008 to 66-67 thousand tons. The Deputy Industry Minister said that Ukrainian steel mills had "started receiving new requests." He said that they had recently increased the export of hot-rolled steel. He also said that demand for scrap metal could grow in the first half of this year, as the prices of scrap metal had started increasing. The Ministry representatives announced earlier that steel output in Ukraine in February can grow to 2.17 million tons. Meanwhile industrial analysts emphasized that the industry stable work should be expected in 2010 or later.
27.01.2009 Source: NRCU / rusmet

Der russisch-ukrainische Erdgaskonflikt 2009
Aktuelle Wirtschaftszahlen

PDF Download
27.01.2009 Source: Forschungsstelle Osteuropa an der Universität Bremen

Metalurgprom is expecting production of 2.7 million tons of steel in February. The Metallurgprom association of metallurgical companies is one of the organizers of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
22.01.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukraine will mehr Stahl produzieren
Die ukrainischen Stahlunternehmen planen im laufenden Jahr eine Stahlproduktion von 22 Mio t, statt wie bisher prognostiziert 19,1 Mio t. Dies sei auf eine Verbesserung der Situation auf dem Weltmarkt und eine Erholung der Auftragslage zurückzuführen, so der ukrainische Stahlverband.
22.01.2009 Source: Dow Jones

Metallurgprom estimates losses of Ukrainian metal companies in Q4 at UAH 3.5 billion
The Metallurgprom association of metallurgical companies expects that the gross losses of Ukrainian metallurgical companies in the period from October through December 2008 will make up UAH 3.5 billion. Ivan Ponomarenko, the head of the production department of the association, said this at a balance meeting on the questions of the ore-mining and metallurgical industry. According to him, the production volumes of Ukrainian metal companies fell the most in November 2008. The gross losses of the metal companies in November made up UAH 1.349 billion and the negative profitability was 22.8%. At the same time, Ponomarenko said the metal companies of Ukraine will end 2008 with the profitability of at least 10%. The Metallurgprom association of metallurgical companies is one of the organizers of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
21.01.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Metal companies yet to assess Ukrainian-Russian gas agreements after gas price for industrial consumers is announced
The Ukrainian metallurgical companies have yet to assess the Ukrainian-Russian long-term contracts on supplies of natural gas to Ukraine for 2009-2019 after the price of natural gas for industrial consumers is announced.
In the opinion of Oleksandr Pylypenko, the deputy CEO of the Industrial Group Consortium, which manages the assets of the Industrial Union of Donbas, a higher price will certainly have impact on the profitability of contracts of the metallurgical companies, but the size of the influence can be only assessed after receiving information on gas price for individual companies and on the common rules of the game on the domestic gas market. According to Pylypenko, a higher price of natural gas can hurt the chemical industry particularly badly, while the metallurgical industry is less sensitive to a higher gas price. "Metallurgy is not so dependent on natural gas as the chemical industry, because the metallurgical industry has two solutions: pulverized coal fuel and cogeneration plants that can give an absolutely new picture for these companies. This is the question of time and money," Pylypenko said. He further said, that long-term contracts on natural gas and predictable price will give the companies opportunities to draw up a strategy of diversification of their power supplies.
The Metinvest Holding Company, which manages the Metinvest Group, has said it is early to assess the influence of the Ukrainian-Russian gas agreements on the metallurgical industry before a clear price of gas for industrial consumers is announced.
Vasyl Kharalulakhm, the chairman of the Metallurgprom Association, refused to give his assessment of the gas contracts until precise price of gas for industrial consumers is announced.
Serhii Kudrivtsev, the executive director of the Ferroalloy Association, said in turn that the price of natural gas is not of serious importance for the prime cost of the commodity, since ferroalloys are produced in electric furnaces, while ferroalloy gas and cogeneration plants are used for heating.
As earlier reported, Prime Minister Tymoshenko has said the average natural gas price for Ukraine in 2009 will be USD 228.8 per 1,000 cubic meters. On January 19, the Naftohaz Ukrainy national oil and gas company and Russia's Gazprom gas monopoly signed long-term contracts on gas supplies to Ukraine and the natural gas transit to Europe for 2009-2019. The natural gas transit rate will be remain USD 1.7 per 1,000 cubic meters per 100 kilometres in 2009.
20.01.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Industrial output fell by 3.1% in 2008
Industrial output fell by 3.1%, y/y in 2008, though grew 3.2%, m/m in December. The monthly growth was mainly explained by the increase in mining output (up 21.7%, m/m) and slight recovery in metallurgy and mechanical engineering (up 16.3%, m/m and 12.6%, m/m, respectively). While annual growth was seen only in mechanical engineering, wood products and printing (8.6%, 9.6% and 7.3%, y/y in 2008). At the same time the annual metallurgy drop was 10.6%, y/y, while mining fell by 15.0%, y/y.
16.01.2009 Source: State Statistics Committee of Ukraine

GDP up by 2.1% in 2008
In 2008, the real gross domestic product increased by 2.1% over 2007. The State Statistics Committee does not disclose other information. In 2007, real gross domestic product rose by 7.6%, compared to 2006, to UAH 712,945 million.
15.01.2009 Source: State Statistics Committee of Ukraine

Metallurgist run out of 78% of annual quota for delivery of fittings to Russia in 2008
Metallurgists use up 50% of quota for supplying cold-rolled mill products to Russia Before July
Ukrainian pipe importers run out of 80% of annual seamless-pipe supply quota
12.01.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukrainian inflation totals 2.1% in December
07.01.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Steel production up by 25.4% to 2 million tons in December
Pig iron production up by 30.5% to 1.7 million tons in December
Production of rolled metal up by 28% to 1.9 million tons in December
Production of steel pipes up by 6.7% to 119,000 tons in December
Coke production up by 12.1% to 1.1 million tons in December
Source: Ukrainian News


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