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November 2009
Conference for metal-makers
During the crisis period most metallurgical enterprises strive to increase their competitiveness thanks to implementation of various programs aimed at increasing production efficiency. Especially it is subject to measures of energy cost reduction and other production cost saving. Taking into account this tendency, the specialists of Metals Technologies division of Industry Solutions department held the conference “Innovation and energy saving solutions for EAF and secondary metallurgy”. The conference took place in Donetsk on November, 25.
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30.11.2009 Source: Siemens press-service

Metinvest starts shipping iron ore raw materials to China by large-capacity vessels of capesize class
On Friday, Metinvest Group announced starting to use Capesize ships (175,000 to 400,000 long tons deadweight) for transporting iron ore. The first Capesize vessel, the Kassos Warrior, able to carry 195,000 DWT has recently set out to China. Another bulk carrier of the capesize category, the Mykonos, is being prepared for shipment. It's the first time ever that the company ships iron ore for export in such large volumes. So far, Ukrainian producers used to export iron ore by Panamax vessels. Export markets have become even more attractive for metal makers under the conditions of a reduced national demand. About 17% of Ukrainian iron ore exports is due to China, the world's largest consumer and importer of iron ore (over 1B tons annually).
27.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Donetsksteel becomes official dealer of Yurga Machine Building Plant
CJSC Donetsksteel Iron and Steel Works has received a license of an official dealer of Yurga Machine Building Plant LLC (Russia) in Ukraine. This license entitles the plant to sell various truck cranes, tractor attached implements produced by Donetsksteel.
25.11.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Azovmash to supply equipment to Russian steel mill
The Donetsk-based Azovmash has signed a contract with Russia's Novolipetsk Steel (NLMK) for the production of oxygen supply equipment. The equipment should be produced and supplied to the customer in the first quarter of 2010. At the same time, Azovmash declined to announce the cost of the contract. In 2008, Azovmash Group increased output and sales by 39.9% to UAH 5.9 billion after producing 9,306 freight cars (9,827 in 2007).
24.11.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Istil Group to start construction of logistic compex in Kyiv region in March 2010
19.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Poltava OMEP arranges purchase of 2 excavators and 5 dump trucks for USD 20 million from Japan's Marubeni Corporation by 2010
Zaporizhia Ferroalloy Plant to renew gas treatment facilities until 2011
16.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Ilyich Iron and Steel Works order book for November is thin - Mr Boyko
According to Mr Vladimir Boyko CEO of Ukrainian steel producer Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol at his meeting with Prime Minister of Ukraine Ms Yulia Tymoshenko in Mariupol, Ilyich has increased its capacity utilization level to 70% in November from 65% in the previous month. Mr Boyko stated that "In October last year we registered the largest drop of up to 30%. Thus, compared to the same period last year, currently we have an increase of more than two times."
He also informed that the reconstruction of the plant blast furnace No 5 is to be completed by December 15th to 20th this year, however, the furnace is not planned to be restarted for the time being. Mr Boyko said that in November this year the company would face difficulties with production due to insufficient orders and under use of capacities. At the end of October of the 12 units at Ilyich sintering plant only six were operating, of its five blast furnaces four were operating and of its six open hearth furnaces only two were operating. Meanwhile, the plant flat rolling shop No 1700 was working at 70% capacity while its flat rolling shop No 3000 was operating at 25% capacity. Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol is one of Ukraine's top three steel producers and traditional partner of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
10.11.2009 Source: SteelOrbis

Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant increases production of ferromanganese by 82% to 16,200 tons in October
09.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Azovmash to supply furnace-charging equipment to Hungary's Dunaferr by July 2010
06.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Metinvest B.V. gets permission to buy Makiyivka metallurgical plant
The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) gave permission to the Private Limited Liability Company Metinvest B.V. (Hague, the Netherlands) to purchase shares of the CJSC Makiyivka Metallurgical Plant (Donetsk region) that provides the buyer with an excess of 50% votes in the company's higher managerial body, the AMCU press service informs. Metinvest stockholders are the SCM group (75%) and the Smart-Holding group (25%) that participate in management of the Metinvest group on the partnership basis.
06.11.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant reduces agglomerate production by 5.2% to 0.4 million tons in October
Arcelor Mittal Kryvyi Rih increases production of finished steel by 52.7% to 0.4 million tons in October
Azovstal icreases steel production by 10.8% to 493,000 tons in October
Dniprospetsstal ups electric steel output by 11.5% to 29,000 tons in October
Dniprovskyi Metallurgical Plant ups finished steel output by 9.5% to 266,000 tons in October
Donetskstal ups open-hearth steel output by 1.9% to 53,000 tons in October
Illich Metallurgical Plant reduces rolled metal output by 13.4% to 246,000 ton in October
Makiivka Metallurgical Plant increases rolled steel production by 5.3% to 99,000 tons in October
Petrovskyi Metallurgical Plant reduces production of rolled metal by 7.9% to 70,000 tons in October
Yenakiyeve Metallurgical Plant and Metalen cut finished steel production by 17.1% to 155,000 tons in October
Zaporizhstal increases finished rolled metal production by 8% to 200,000 tons in October
05.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Interpipe NTZ reduces steel pipes output by 20.5% to 23,200 tons in October
Interpipe Novomoskovsk Pipe Plant cuts steel pipes output by 6.1% to 16,800 tons in October
Dnipropetrovsk Pipe Plant increases steel pipes output by 28.9% to 4,900 tons In October
Khartsyzk Pipe Plant cuts steel pipes production by 24% to 30,700 tons in October
05.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Inhulets OMEP reduces iron-ore concentrate production by 3.4% to 1.2 million tons in October
Pivdennyi OMEP decreases agglomerate production by 25.9% to 100,000 tons in October
Pivnichnyi OMEP increases iron-ore concentrate output by 2% to 1.3 million tons in October
Tsentralnyi OMEP increases iron-ore concentrate production by 7.9% to 0.5 million tons in October
04.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Alchevskkoks cuts coke output by 9.3% to 316,000 tons in October
Avdiivka Coke Chemical Plant reduces coke production by 7% to 253,000 tons in October
Donetskkoks boosts coke production by 28% to 32,000 tons in October
Makiivkoks cuts coke production by 2% to 100,000 tons in October
Yasynivskyi Coke Chemical Plant ups coke production by 8.8% to 136,000 tons in October
Zaporizhkoks ups coke production by 2% to 104,000 tons in October
04.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

In January-October Khartsyzsk pipe-rolling plant (HRTR) increased output 1.7 times
Khartsyzsk pipe rolling plant in January-October 2009 increased pipes output, by preliminary data, 1.7 times in comparison with the same period in 2008 - up to 483.226 thousand tons. In October the plant produced 30.656 thousand tons of pipes.
03.11.2009 Source: press-service of the company

Donetskstal to hold major repair of rolling mill 2300 in November
02.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

November 2008
Smart Group draws up 5 year rescue plan for Kremikovtzi
It is reported that Ukrainian based Smart Group controlled by Mr Vadim Novinsky has prepared a five year rehabilitation plan for the troubled steel mill Kremikovtzi and will present it on December 2nd. According to the plan, the Smart Group will inject EUR 30 million in the strained plant and will make investments in environment protection technologies. The plan also envisages that the new investor in Kremikovtzi will pay the plant's debts to the Bulgarian state and the bondholders in installments. The government said that Ukrainian Smart Group, a consortium between Czech investment company ML Moran and consultancy Mr AT Kearney, Bulgarian Mr Valentin Zahariev owner of lead and zinc smelter OCK, Russian company Prominvest and Brazilian CSN steel maker are the companies interested in supplying raw materials, signing a tolling agreement or operating the plant. Kremikovtzi is 71% owned by GSHL, a subsidiary of Indian steel maker Ispat Industries, while a 25.3% stake is held by the state.
29.11.2008 Source:

Interpipe continues construction work at Interpipe Steel
Interpipe has announced that construction work at its new electric steel smelting complex, Interpipe Steel, is continuing to develop positively. Interpipe has begun the process of assembling the steel construction of the mill and at the same time is finishing the arrangement of the iron cast-in-situ reinforced foundations of its ferroalloys and friable materials store. In addition, seventy-six metal structures are ready to be assembled in the building's structure and construction work has been completed on the foundation mat for engines of continuous casting blooms and billets. Ongoing work is being carried out in the foundations of the raw-material bay, where the scrap metal will be stored and which will provide the raw materials of the future plant. Delivery of materials for the steel-making plant and ferroalloys store has also been made (columns, crane way girder, operating floors). Interpipe Steel is the company's new electric steel mill and will provide Interpipe with self-sufficiency in steel.
28.11.2008 Source: Press-service of Interpipe

NKMZ suspends fulfilment of steel producers' orders
Novokramatorsky mashinostroitelny zavod (NKMZ), one of the leaders of Ukrainian heavy engineering has suspended the fulfilment of orders for Ukrainian companies by November 21 because of their inability to pay for equipment or cancellation of orders. The list of entities whose orders were suspended includes Azovstal, Zaporizhstal, Poltava OMEP, etc. The statement also said that NKMZ will cut in half its export to Russia. Company warehouses are full with products with total worth of UAH 700mn, manufactured according to the contracts for which payments are past overdue.
26.11.2008 Source: Press release of NKMZ

Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol suspends construction of pulverised coal injection unit for blast furnaces No.1-5 due to economic crisis
25.11.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol stabilizes its production
Mariupol Metal Illych Plant (MMKI) stabilized its activity and is currently producing 50-55% steel volume of the July level of the current year, says press-service of the company citing the words of the General Director Vladimir Boiko.
24.11.2008 Source: Press service of MMKI

Cabinet decides to restart differentiated electricity rates for Zaporizhia Titanium and Magnesium Plant
21.11.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant considering possibility of resuming production before December
19.11.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Interpipe to invest more than USD 35 million to power new electric steel plant
Interpipe has announced that its new electric steel smelting complex, Interpipe Steel, will be the first in Ukraine to be powered by thermoelectric power. The cable supplying power to the new electric mill will cost approximately USD 35 million to lay. It is planned that the installation of the power cable will be led by the scientific-research institute 'Ukrselenergoproject' (Kiev). Interpipe Steel is the company's new electric steel mill and will provide Interpipe with self-sufficiency in steel. Interpipe signed a contract with Italian construction company Danieli to build the plant in February 2007. Interpipe plans to invest more than USD 600 million USD in the plant. Interpipe Steel will provide high quality steel for Interpipe's pipes and railway wheels.
12.11.2008 Source: Press-service of Interpipe

Smart Group has the potential to operate in Kremikovtzi
Bulgaria has to provide possibilities for the Ukrainian operator Smart Group because it has real potential to operate in Kremikovtzi steel mill, Lyudmil Pavlov, chairperson of the Metallurgists Federation with the Podkrepa Labor Confederation. Chairman of Metal-Workers Federation, Vasil Yanachkov, pointed that if Smart Group becomes operator of the steel mill the management board will probably be changed. Yanachkov said that the production, which is made in the steel mill, is realized through buying-up form the state reserve, where it will be preserved.
11.11.2008 Source: FOCUS News Agency

Metinvest signs Memorandum of Understanding on condition that government won't regulate prices in domestic market
Igor Syry, CEO of Metinvest Holding, signed the Memorandum of Understanding developed for the Cabinet, mining and metal businesses and trade unions, on the condition that the section on Cabinet's fixation of sale prices for rolled metal, coke, iron ore raw materials and other products in the domestic market will be omitted. "We believe that signing the Memorandum is an important step in the history of Ukraine's statehood. We are confident that quick realization of the measures stipulated in the document by all signatories will improve chances of the mining and metal industry of Ukraine to minimize the fallout of the challenging economic situation", said Igor Syry.
10.11.2008 Source: Press-service Metinvest Group

Shareholders rename ISTIL (Ukraine) into Donetsk Electrometallurgical Mill
On November 5 the shareholders of CJSC MMW ISTIL(Ukraine) made a decision at their special general meeting to rename the Mill into Donetsk Electrometallurgical Mill. The renaming of the Mill has been made according to the terms of the Purchase Agreement signed in April 2008. It specifies that the new owner can use ISTIL brand in the course of one year from the transaction settlement date. Despite the complicated situation in the steel industry the Mill is one of the few functioning metallurgical enterprises in Ukraine.
07.11.2008 Source: Press-service of ISTIL

ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih finished steel down by 18.8% YoY
ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih, Ukraine's biggest steel producer reduced roll production by a preliminary 18.8% YoY to 4.812 million tonnes in January to October. ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih crude steel production fell 15.3% to 4.812 million tonnes, pig iron 13.9% to 5.193 million tonnes and sinter 13% to 8.721 million tons. The plant produced 146,000 tons of roll in October less than half the September total, which was 301,000 tonnes. It also produced 281,000 tonnes of steel, 258,000 tonnes of pig iron and 464,000 tonnes of sinter in October.
07.11.2008 Source: Ukrainian Journal

Azovstal shuts down blast furnace No. 5 because of lack of metal product demand
06.11.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Finanzminister droht Aluminiumkombinat Verstaatlichung an
Der ukrainische Energieminister Juri Prodan hat sich für die Verstaatlichung des Aluminiumkombinats Saporoschje ausgesprochen. "Die Eigentümer dieses größten Aluminiumproduzenten in der Ukraine sollen den Betrieb dem Staat zurückgeben, weil sie nicht in der Lage sind, ihn zu verwalten", begründete Prodan seine Position. Das Unternehmen, das mehrheitlich dem weltgrößten Aluminiumkonzern RusAl (Russland) gehört, musste die Produktion angesichts der Finanzkrise konservieren. Seine Entscheidung erklärte RusAl unter anderem mit niedriger Rentabilität der Produktion und zu hohen Stromtarifen in der Ukraine. "Wenn die Eigentümer nicht Herr werden können, sollen sie den Betrieb an den Staat übereignen", fuhr Prodan fort. "Statt energiesparende Technologien einzuführen und Produktionskosten zu senken, sind die Eigentümer, wie ich verstehe, nur über eigene Megagewinne besorgt. Wenn diese ausbleiben, wird die Produktion stillgelegt." Das Kombinat schulde gegenwärtig 41 Mio UAH (7,0 Mio USD) für Strom.
05.11.2008 Source: DJG

Metinvest to buy United Coal
Metinvest, part of the sprawling empire of Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, aims to buy U.S. miner United Coal, according to documents submitted to the Bulgarian competition authorities and published on Wednesday. Speculation that steel producer Metinvest could buy the firm have circulated in Ukrainian media in recent weeks, but the company had declined to comment. Neither Metinvest nor United Coal were immediately available for comment. Ukrainian agencies have reported that the deal was worth USD 2.5 billion.
05.11.2008 Source: Reuters

Zaporizhstal stops 4 from 9 stoves due to production demand fall
05.11.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Arcelor Mittal denies reports it closed Ukraine steel operation
Arcelor Mittal, the world's biggest producer of steel, on Monday denied media reports that it had shut down completely its steel-making operation in Ukraine, admitting steel output had been "significantly" reduced.
03.11.2008 Source: Ukrainian Journal

Mariupol Illich Steel Mill projects October losses of UAH 250 million
Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol in September saw UAH 130 million in net losses, and the mill expects around UAH250 million in losses in October, the mill has reported. Volodymyr Boiko director general of the Mariupol metallurgic works said "We don't cost a penny now. Losses of the enterprises are 250 million UAH and keep growing. In this situation we are ready to nationalize the enterprise." He said that the situation is difficult in the whole mining and metals sector of Ukraine. Thousands of employees of the Mariupol metallurgic works were forced to go on leave without pay for ten days.
03.11.2008 Source: Ukrainian Journal

Zaporizhia Aluminum Plant begins to close due to rising debt
Ukraine's only aluminum smelter, Zaporizhia Aluminum Plant (ZALK), owned by Russian aluminum giant Rusal, started to shut down some of its aluminum-making facilities due to rising debts for power consumption. Oleksandr Kotiuk, ZALK director general, said ZALK will probably reduce aluminum output by 25% on the month in November, but warned further reduction is possible within the next three months unless the government takes urgent measures to help the smelter. He said that the absence of a decision to give a differentiated tariff for electricity to the company, which has been discussed for three years, and the present situation with the price of aluminum, which has fallen to USD 2,000 per ton, has led to the unprofitably of production at ZALK. The combine, which has been deprived of circulating funds, cannot pay for electricity used in its production process.
03.11.2008 Source: Ukrainian Journal

ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih shuts down its rolling mills
ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih stopped all its rolling mills on absence of orders. Bar rolling mills 250 3 and 250 4, as well as the wire rod mill 150 1 have been idle during the whole month of October, while 250 5 mill was running at minimum load and 250 6 mill worked for 20 days. The highest utilization was at bar rolling mills 250 1 and 250 2, as well as wire mill 250 3, which have been working almost through the whole month. Due to the cut of longs production, steelmaking facilities are not working at full capacity, either. Thus, in open hearth workshop, only a tandem furnace with monthly capacity 100,000 tonnes to 110,000 tonnes was in operation since the beginning of October 2008, while a 46,000 tonnes per million open hearth furnace No.4 was idle. In oxygen converter shop, only two of the six furnaces have been running in October 2008. As per report, ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih has not set its production plans for November and is collecting orders.
03.11.2008 Source: Metal Expert

Ilyich Iron and Steel Works reduces pig iron and steel output
Ilyich Works is planning to reduce pig iron output down to 100,000 tonnes. In October the production will be about 195,000 tonnes, down 26% from September 2008. The plant operates 5 blast furnaces with total design capacity 5.9 million tonnes per year. Due to currently adverse market situation, Ilyich is planning to keep in the operative mode only three of the five blast furnaces, starting from November 2008. During this period, the daily production of pig iron will be some 3,000 tonnes to 3,500 tonnes. The crude steel output in October 2008 will be cut to about 200,000 tonnes to 210,000 tonnes from 300,000 tonnes in September 2008, and cut further to about 100,000 tonnes in November 2008. In this connection, Ilyich is also reducing purchases of steel scrap in October the figure will be just about 13,000 tonnes, in November 2008 the purchases may be stopped altogether.
03.11.2008 Source: Metal Expert

Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol shuts down Interinvestvuhillia coalmine
Yenakieve Metallurgical Plant shuts down blast furnace No. 3
03.11.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

April 2008
Zaporizhstal signs contract on supply of equipment for converter steel production
Vitaliy Satsky, Head of the Board of OJSC Zaporizhstal Steel Mill and Werner Auer, Board Member and Finance Director of the Austria's Siemens VAI company signed a contract on the supply of equipment for a new converter steel production workshop. In the framework of the technical re-equipment program that comprises a number of energy-saving and environment protection projects, the mill's specialists have studied international experience and considered numerous producers' proposals. In result of the thorough analysis Siemens VAI (Austria) was selected to become the equipment supplier at a tender - as the company having wide experience of co-operation with the leading steel casting producers of the world. The converter workshop project incorporates the latest achievements of the steel production industry. The new workshop will be located next to the rolling workshops. The workshop would unite two cast iron sulphur removing plants, two converters of 250 tones each with combined refining, two furnace-casting ladle plants, a vacuumizing ladle and two thick slab double-strand plants. The launch of the new converter workshop would allow the mill to considerably expand the range of steel products, improve their quality and competitiveness.
15.04.2008 Source: Siemens Ukraine

BERYCAN has completed ISTIL purchase transaction
Berycan Limited acquired 100% of ISTIL Group Holdings Limited. The transaction was completed on April 9, 2008 in London. ISTIL Group Holdings Limited comprises: CJSC MMW ISTIL(Ukraine), based in Donetsk; Metalsukraine Corp.Limited (Odessa); ISTIL Middle East LLC (UAE); ISTIL (UK)plc and other companies. As it has been announced, an agreement was signed on January 21, 2008. However a sequence of conditions was required for an agreement to come into force. Berycan Limited is a company owned by Russian investment company "MirInvest" , representing Vadim Varshavsky, a Russian Duma Deputy and its senior management. Alfa-Bank (Moscow) acted as financial consultant to Berycan on the sale. ISTIL was advised by Nomura International plc (London).
09.04.2008 Source: ISTIL

Arcelor Mittal Kryvyi Rih mill Q1 output falls
Ukraine's biggest steel mill, which is owned by ArcelorMittal, reduced steel output to 1.961 million tonnes in the first three months of 2008. The plant produced 2.070 tonnes of steel in the same period of 2007. Local news agencies reported the mill had decreased rolled steel output to 1.758 million tonnes so far in 2008 from 1.809 million a year earlier. Pig iron output fell to 1.754 million tonnes from 1.849 million. The company raised steel output to 8.103 million tonnes in 2007 from 7.6 million in 2006. The company also said it increased rolled steel output to 7.119 million tonnes last year from 6.9 million in 2006.
04.04.2008 Source: Reuters

Zaporizhstal and Metinvest sign agreement on new price for iron ore raw material
Zaporizhstal and METINVEST HOLDING have reached the agreement to increase the price of iron ore and flux-and-dolomite products by 65% starting form 1 April 2008. The price was adjusted in accordance with the index of the iron ore price changes on the global market (+ 65%). OJSC Zaporozhstal is one of the largest steel making companies in Ukraine and partner of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
01.04.2008 Source: press service of Metinvest

Zaporizhia Titanium and Magnesium Plant predicting profit of UAH 112.4 million in 2008
01.04.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Switzerland's Ferrexpo to buy 440 rail wagons in 2008
Ferrexpo, which controls Poltava ore mining and enrichment plant, has intention to procure 440 rail wagons in 2008. According to the statement, in 2007 the company purchased 110 rail wagons. The company stresses, having its own rail wagon fleet would allow it pay lower railway transportation tariffs, valid for wagon owners. Ferrexpo finished 2007 with EBITDA of UAH 246.1 million, it increased its revenues by 27.57% or USD 150.9 million to USD 698.2 million over 2006. The company owns over 85% in one of the largest Ukrainian pellet producer Poltava OMEP.
01.04.2008 Source: Ferrexpo statement

Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant increases agglomerate output by 9% to 440,000 tons in March
Arcelor Mittal Kryvyi Rih rolled metal production 7.2% up to 604,000 tons in March
Azovstal ups steel production by 19.5% to 534,000 tons in March
Dniprospetsstal electric steel output 3.3% down to 44,000 tons in March
Dniprovskyi Metallurgical Plant increases rolled metal output by 8.5% to 309,000 tons in March
Donetskstal increases open-hearth steel output by 7.4% to 92,000 tons in March
Illich Metallurgical Plant increases rolled metal output by 10.1% to 532,000 tons in March
Makiivka Metallurgical Plant increases rolled steel production by 10.8% to 146,000 tons in March
Petrovskyi Metallurgical Plant reduces production of rolled steel by 1.9% to 105,000 tons in March
Yenakieve Metallurgical Plant and Metalen increase steel rolling output by 13.6% to 272,300 tons in March
Zaporizhstal increases rolled metal production by 9.1% to 321,000 tons in March

Dnipropetrovsk Pipe Plant reduces steel pipes output by 10% to 12,400 tons in March
Interpipe Novomoskovsk Pipe Plant increases steel pipes output by 19.7% to 34,000 tons in March
Interpipe Nyzhniodniprovskyi Pipe Rolling Plant increases steel pipes output by 2.3% to 54,000 tons in March
Khartsyzk Pipe Plant decreases production of steel pipes by 42.5% to 11,700 tons in March

Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant increases ferromanganese output by 9.3% to 30,500 tons in March

Alchevskkoks increases coke output by 7.5% to 315,000 tons in March
Avdiivka Coke Chemical Plant increases coke production by 14.7% to 407,000 tons in March
Donetskkoks increases coke production by 4.6% to 34 tons in March
Makiivkoks increases coke production by 2.8% to 81,000 tons in March
Zaporizhkoks icreases coke production by 11.1% to 156,000 tons in March

Inhulets OMEP increases iron-ore concentrate production by 6.6% to 1,263,000 tons in March
Pivdennyi OMEP increases agglomerate production by 8.4% to 440,000 tons in March
Pivnichnyi OMEP increases iron-ore concentrate output by 10.1% to 1.2 million tons in March
Poltava OMEP increases iron-ore concentrate output by 13.1% to 938,000 tons in March
Sukha Balka increases iron ore production by 180% to 259,000 tons in March
Tsentralnyi OMEP increases iron-ore concentrate production by 0.2% to 549,000 tons in March

Februar 2008
Donetskstal ends 2007 with UAH 629.9 million in profit
28.02.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Centravis Ltd. sees pretax profit of around USD 40 million in 2007
Centravis Ltd. International Holding, which was established on the basis of CJSC Nikopol Stainless Pipe Plant (Dnipropetrovsk region), and UVIS Ltd. manufacturing and commercial group, Ukraine's major stainless steel pipe producer, saw around USD 40 million in consolidated pretax profit in 2007. Centravis Ltd. plans to see USD 37.6 million in pretax profit in 2008. Atanasov, Centravis Director General, said at a press conference in Kiev on Wednesday that the holding's sales in 2007 were USD 250 million. In 2008, the holding plans to increase its turnover to USD 287 million. He said that last year around 10% of its products were sold in Ukraine, 40% were exported to Russia, and over 40% were exported to the Western European market. In 2007 the holding spent USD 42.5 million in investment out of USD 120 million planned for 2007-2008. The company produced 17,900 tonnes of pipes in 2007. In 2008, pipe production will be increased to 20,500, and by 2010, to 32,000 tonnes. "The strategic goal of Centravis Ltd. is to become a global player on the international seamless pipe market. In 2007, we reorganized the business in full with the company's rebranding, changes in corporate structure, the introduction of new standards and the launch of a number of projects. We increased production, installed new equipment, brought to order commodity and monetary flows, and formed a top-quality international management team," Atanasov said.
28.02.2008 Source: Interfax

Industrial Policy Ministry to consider ArcelorMittal Kryvy Rih´s plan to modernize
A task force of the Industrial Policy Ministry is currently studying ArcelorMittal Kryvy Rih´s plans to modernize, according to Serhiy Hryshchenko, the deputy minister. Modernizing the Kryvy Rih metallurgical complex will double steel production levels, boosting output to 12 million tons a year. The projections mark a significant increase over current levels. In comparison, ArcelorMittal Kryvy Rih produced 8.1 million tons of steel in 2007. The task force evaluating ArcelorMittal´s plan will render a decision in two months. "It´s a very serious question, because the modernization proposals are connected with the terms of Kryvorizhstal privatization agreement. No one will doubt that the government is very serious about the fulfilling that agreement," Hryshchenko added. ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih is Ukraine's biggest steel producer and partner of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
27.02.2008 Source: UNIAN

Interpipe's special steels maker boosts earnings 76% in 2007
Dniprospetsstal (DSS), a major Ukrainian manufacturer of special steels that is controlled by the Interpipe group, increased net profit by 76% to UAH 344.683 million in 2007. Retained earnings rose 18.6% in 2007, to UAH 221.062 million, according to a report prepared for the company's March 6 shareholder meeting. At the meeting, shareholders will review the results for last year, approve the distribution of profit and the schedule and procedure for dividend payments. It was reported earlier that DSS increased commercial production by 46.6% in 2007, to UAH 3.75 billion in current prices. Output was up 6.1% to 350,732 tonnes of rolled products, and 5.9% to 549,127 tonnes of steel.
27.02.2008 Source: Interfax

Kharkiv Roller Bearing Plant buys turning complex worth EUR 4 million from Japan's Muratec
Kharkiv Roller Bearing Plant, one of the largest roller bearing producers in the CIS and part of the UPEK Group, is to buy a robotic turning complex worth EUR 4 million from Japan's Muratec. The plant is buying 18 units of turning equipment from the Japanese company. Later, the plant is to buy technology and equipment worth EUR 5.5 million from Muratec. The equipment is being bought in light of a comprehensive investment project on the upgrade of roller bearing production facilities worth EUR 25 million, which is to be completed in 2009. The upgrade is aimed at the creation of roller bearing production facilities of the new quality with an annual capacity of 1.2 million bearings, while at present, the plant produces 800,000 bearings per year.
27.02.2008 Source: UPEK press release

voestalpine schlägt Stahlwerksprojekt in der Ukraine vor
Der österreichische Stahlerzeuger voestalpine hat der ukrainischen Regierung ein Stahlwerksprojekt mit einer Jahreskapazität von 5,4 Mio t und Investitionen von 5 Mrd EUR vorgeschlagen. Wie das Ministerium für Industriepolitik der Ukraine am Dienstag mitteilte, ging der Vorschlag vor einem Monat ein. Premierministerin Julia Timoschenko habe inzwischen eine Arbeitsgruppe unter Leitung von Minister Wladimir Sewernjuk eingesetzt, die ihre Empfehlungen in zwei Monaten vorlegen werde. Als wahrscheinlichster Standort für das neue Stahlwerk gilt ein Gebiet in der Nähe des Schwarzmeerhafens Juschnij.
26.02.2008 Source: DJN/DJG

Arcelor Mittal Kryvyi Rih intends to reconstruct plant's crushing machines in 2008
Swiss Ferrexpo to invest USD 4 billion into development of Poltava OMEP by 2018
26.02.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Metalen ends 2007 with profits of UAH 42.7 million
Makiivka Metallurgical Mill ends 2007 with loss of UAH 369.7 million
26.02.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

SCM's net profit in 2007 skyrockets to UAH 19 billion
CJSC System Capital Management, Ukraine's largest management company, posted a net profit for 2007 of over UAH 19 billion, whereas in 2006 its net profit was estimated at UAH 1.233 billion. According to the company's financial non-consolidated reports for 2007, the amount of the company's long-term financial investment as a result of corporate reforms at the company grew by UAH 28 billion. Such an increase in the company's financial performance was the result of a considerable growth of the market value of stocks of SCM's enterprises after they joined the group. "The growth of the market value of our assets is the result of the work of SCM's team and the work of many thousand employees of the group's enterprises. Over the seven years of our activity, we've invested billions of dollars in the development of our enterprises - in modernization, reconstruction and programs for increasing efficiency. The market has assessed our worth correctly: the market value of the stocks of almost all the enterprises after we became their investors has considerable increased and continues growing today," the press service quotes SCM Director General Oleh Popov as saying.
25.02.2008 Source: press service of SCM

KrASZ to invest around UAH 30 million in development in 2008
Kremenchuk Car Assembly Plant (KrASZ), part of the AIS Corporation, plans in 2008 to allocate around UAH 30 million to the development of the plant. "The funds will be allocated not only to the expansion of floor space, the increase in production, but also to the equipment of the plant, the creation of production facilities and their upgrade. Two warehouses, a new test road and a corrosion preventing treatment area are being built," the plant's director, Mykola Chernysh said. Currently the plant's capacities allow the assembly of 40,000 cars a year. The plant assembles cars and Chinese FAW trucks.
25.02.2008 Source: Interfax

Metinvest-Ukraine to supply over 14,000 tonnes of rails to Belarussian Railways in 2008
Metinvest-Ukraine Ltd., which was created as part of the restructuring of Leman-Ukraine, Ukraine's largest steel trader, in 2008, is to supply over 14,000 tonnes of rails to the Belarussian Railways (BelZHD). The press service said that the Ukrainian company won a tender held in early February. The rails, which will be produced at Azovstal Steel Mill, will be supplied over the year. The annual need of the Belarussian Railways in rails is around 30,000 tonnes.
23.02.2008 Source: press service of Metinvest

Zaporizhstal sees pretax profit plummet 39% in 2007
Zaporizhstal saw its pretax profit shrink 38.6% in 2007 to UAH 739 million due to soaring raw material and energy prices. Sales revenue grew UAH 1.444 billion to UAH 8.85 billion. This was UAH 324.3 million above target. Zaporizhstal raised finished roll production 3.2% to 3.727 million tonnes (86,900 tonnes above target), crude steel 1.3% to 4.459 million tonnes (119,400 tonnes above target) and pig iron 0.8% (123,100 tonnes above target) to 3.564 million tonnes, however sinter production fell 0.5% to 5.626 million tonnes (21,200 tonnes above target). Zaporizhstal is one of Ukraine's biggest steel mills and partner of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
23.02.2008 Source: press service of Zaporizhstal

Mittal Steel increases share in Arcelor Mittal Kryvyi Rih by almost 1%
As of February 4, 2008, Germany's Mittal Steel Germany GmbH increased its share in OJSC Arcelor Mittal Kryviy Rih in Dnipropetrovsk region to 94.6768% of the statutory fund, while as of early 2007 it was 93.771%. The company said that Mittal Steel increased the number of owned shares by 34.953 million. According to the PFTS, on February 20, the shares were bought at UAH 16.7, and sold at UAH 16.85, which is 2.7 times more than quotations as of early 2007. The Arcelor Mittal Kryviy Rih's market capitalization was UAH 64.744 billion.
23.02.2008 Source: Interfax

Siemens erhält Auftrag aus der Ukraine
Der zum Industriekonzern Siemens AG gehörende Geschäftsbereich Siemens Metals Technologies hat einen Großauftrag aus Osteuropa erhalten. Wie der im DAX30 notierte Konzern am Freitag erklärte, wurde Siemens Metals Technologies von der ukrainischen OJSC Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works (AMK) mit der Neuausrüstung seines Langprodukte-Walzwerks beauftragt. Zum Lieferumfang gehören unter anderem die komplette mechanische und elektrische Ausrüstung sowie die Basis- und Prozessautomatisierung. Ziele des Projekts sind die Erweiterung des Produktspektrums sowie die Verbesserung von Produktqualität und Produktionsprozess. Die von Siemens gelieferte mechanische Ausrüstung umfasst insgesamt elf RedRing-Walzgerüste - darunter zwei Universalgerüste - zehn Scheibenscheren, die Profilüberwachung, Markierungsmaschinen und das Transfersystem. Außerdem liefert Siemens Einrichtungen zum Stapeln, Bündeln und Wiegen, Systeme für die flüssigen Betriebsmittel, Reservegerüste und -Kaliber sowie Ersatzteile und übernimmt die Erstbestückung der Walzen. Ebenfalls Bestandteil des Projekts ist die elektrotechnische Ausrüstung ab den Mittelspannungstransformatoren inklusive Spezialkabel sowie die Basis- und Prozessautomatisierung. Darüber hinaus erbringt Siemens Beratungs- und Projektierungsleistungen für die Errichtungsphase des Walzwerks. Das Auftragsvolumen wurde auf über 30 Mio. Euro beziffert. Das Projekt soll Mitte 2009 abgeschlossen sein.
22.02.2008 Source: Siemens press release

Arcelor Mittal calls tender to build new 10 million ton sinter plant
Arcelor Mittal Kryviy Rih (formerly Kryvorizhstal) has called a tender for a contract to build a 10.136 million ton per year sinter plant, the company announced. The deadline to submit bids is March 10. Siemens is designing the plant. Arcelor Mittal Kryviy Rih raised commercial roll production 3.8% to 7.1 million tons in 2007. The company controls around a fifth of Ukraine's steel market. ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih is Ukraine's biggest steel producer and partner of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
22.02.2008 Source: Ukrainian Journal

Arcelor Mittal sees steel shipments to CIS rise 42.1% in 2007
Arcelor Mittal Kryviy Rih boosted steel shipments to the CIS 42.1% in 2007 compared with 2006 to 1.009 million tons. The company shipped 281,000 tons of steel to the CIS in 2005 and 710,000 tons in 2006. The company said it gained more than 100 new CIS customers in 2007 and that its customer-based had risen more than 2.5-fold since 2005. Overall sales are not targeted to rise more than 1.1% to 7.579 million tonnes in 2008, from 7.5 million tonnes in 2006. The company said its sales priorities were Ukraine, followed by the CIS and then Eastern and Western Europe. It plans to sell 1.8 million tonnes of steel in Ukraine and at least 1.2 million tonnes in the CIS this year. Arcelor Mittal Kryviy Rih is Ukraine's biggest steel producer and partner of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
22.02.2008 Source: Ukrainian Journal

ISTIL Ukraine posts loss for 2007
The ISTIL Ukraine mini steel mill closed 2007 with a net loss of UAH 16 million, compared to a net profit of UAH 11.5 million in the previous year. ISTIL's sales grew 54% to UAH 2.613 billion in 2007. Operating profit was little changed at UAH 47.3 million, as margins narrowed due to higher prices for raw materials, energy and rail freight. Commercial production from the mill's own steel - continuously-cast billets, rolled billets and ingots - grew 13% to 992,300 tonnes, while tolling producing from steel supplied by Donetskstal increased by 23% to 368,100 tonnes. ISTIL began making large-diameter (up to 350 mm) billets, and annealed ingots from alloyed steel in 2007. Production of pipe billets jumped 120% to nearly 2,400 tonnes. ISTIL Ukraine vice president Faruk Siddiki said in the release that the mill intends to produce 1.1 million tonnes of molten steel in 2008.
22.02.2008 Source: Interfax

Kryvyi Rih Ore-Mining Equipment Plant ends 2007 with UAH 51.5 million in profit
22.02.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Eisenerz-Produzent Ferrexpo sucht strategischen Investor
Der Eisenerz-Produzent Ferrexpo sucht einen strategischen Investor, der 2 Mrd USD in dem Unternehmen anlegen würde. Dies sagte der Hauptgeschäftsführer von Ferrexpo, Michael Oppenheimer, in einem Interview mit der Wirtschaftszeitung Delo. Das Unternehmen aus Poltawa wird von dem ukrainischen Milliardär Konstantin Schewago kontrolliert. Ferrexpo ist an der Londoner Börse gelistet. Trotz der Schwierigkeiten an den Aktienmärkten habe sich der Markt für Eisenerze positiv entwickelt, sagte Oppenheimer. Im ersten Halbjahr 2007 erwirtschaftete Ferrexpo einen Reingewinn von 40,6 Mio USD. Der aktuelle Investitionsplan sieht vor, die Produktion innerhalb von zehn Jahren zu vervierfachen. Dann würden jährlich 32 Mio t Gusseisen statt derzeit 9 Mio t hergestellt. Unter anderem soll eine Fabrik für die Zerkleinerung und Anreicherung von Eisenerz im Vorkommen Jeristowsk entstehen und eine neue Grube in Belanowsk eröffnet werden. Dafür würden insgesamt 4 Mrd USD an Investitionen benötigt, sagte Oppenheimer. Ferrexpo hält 86% der Anteile an dem Bergwerkskombinat Poltawa. Der Marktwert des 73,1%igen Anteils des Geschäftsmanns Schiwago beträgt etwa 2,25 Mrd USD. Das Aktienpaket ist bei der Deutschen Bank AG als Sicherheit für einen Kredit hinterlegt.
21.02.2008 Source: DJN/DJG

Azovstal begins exporting rails to Bulgaria
21.02.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Nikopol Pivdennotrubnyi Pipe ends 2007 with UAH 10.7 million in losses
Interpipe Novomoskovsk Pipe Rolling Mill ends 2007 with UAH 86.6 million in profits
20.02.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Makiivka Coke Chemical Plant ends 2007 with profit of UAH 3.3 million
19.02.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Bogdan Corporation ups car output by 11% in January 2008
Bogdan car plant (earlier Lutsk car plant), part of Bogdan Corporation, in January 2008 increased car output in Lutsk and Cherkasy by 11.2% compared to January 2007, to 4,057 cars. In January 2008, 846 VAZ cars were produced (2,088 cars in January 2007) while Kia car output grew by 54.6%, to 1,575 cars, and Hyundai car output rose by more than 3 times, to 1,636 cars. As reported, in 2007 the corporation increased car production by 33.6% compared to 2006. The growth in car output, as was expected, comes from foreign brand cars, the sales of which have grown significantly in Ukraine.
19.02.2008 Source: Interfax

Metinvest Group increased tax payments by 64% to UAH 5.2 bn in 2007
Metinvest Group paid UAH 5,189.9 m to budgets on all levels in 2007 which is by UAH 2.33 bn more (by 64.4%) than in 2006. The press office informs that higher tax payments are due to production growth at Group's enterprises and higher prices of their products (iron-ore raw materials, coal, coke, metal products). Another reason of tax payments increase was the tax growth standard for each budget year, and higher salaries that went up by over 10% nearly at all enterprises of Metinvest Group. According to Metinvest, ore mining division (OMD) and steel and rolled metal division (SRD) account 40% of the total tax payments each. Coal and coke division (CCD) paid 17% of Group's taxes, while Metinvest Holding as the management company paid 3%.
18.02.2008 Source: UNIAN

Evraz initiates change in leadership of Privat's five Ukrainian steel producers
Shareholders in Sukha Balka, the Petrovsky Steel Works, Bahliykoks coke producer, Dniprokoks coke producer and the Dniprodzerzhynsk Coke and Chemicals Plant at extraordinary general meetings scheduled for April 11 and April 12 are to consider changes in leadership and regulations of the companies. Evraz is buying 99.25% of iron ore producer Sukha Balka, 95.57% of the Petrovsky Steel Works, 93.74% of coke producer Bahliykoks, 98.65% of coke producer Dniprokoks and 93.83% of Dniprodzerzhynsk Coke and Chemicals Plant from Lanebrook. Evraz has said it would pay a total consideration of USD 2 - 2.2 billion for the Ukraine-based assets, including around USD 1 billion cash and the rest in shares.
18.02.2008 Source: Interfax

Kremenchuk Steel Casting Plant to invest UAH 56.6 million in production upgrade in 2008
12.02.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Dniprospetsstal intends to build five gas treatment facilities in steelmaking shops by 2010
08.02.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Inhulets OMEP intends to invest UAH 952 million in production in 2008
Pivnichnyi And Tsentralny Ore Plants to invest UAH 1.6 billion in production modernization in 2008
07.02.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Pavlohradvuhillia to buy new mining equipment for EUR 32 million
Donbas Fuel & Energy Co. (DTEK) in January signed a EUR 29 million contract with Germany's Bucyrus DBT Europe for the delivery of a plowing complex for coal mining subsidiary Pavlohradvuhillia. The company also signed a 2.8 million euro contract with Czech firm Ostroj for hydraulic props and hydraulic jacks to be delivered to Pavlohradvuhillia's Pavlogradska and West Donbaska mines. DTEK said it uses commercial letters of credit to finance purchases of mining equipment.
07.02.2008 Source: Interfax

EMZ Group to quintuple investment in 2008
The EMZ Group plans to quintuple investment in production to USD 270 million in 2008, from USD 54 million in 2007, group general director Oleksandr Podkorytov said Wednesday. The main target of investment will be the No. 3 blast furnace, construction of which is set to begin soon, he said. The group spent USD 20 million on overhauls in 2007, and plans to spend USD 30 million for this purpose this year. The group also plans to build a new sinter plant that will cost at least USD 350 million, he said. "Such a high level of investment requires the highest level of preparation and very careful selection of equipment for this facility, which is what we are doing now," Podkorytov said.
EMZ Group increased net profit by 4% in 2007, to UAH 210 million, on net sales up 46.5% to UAH 5.126 billion.
07.02.2008 Source: Interfax

EMZ Group ups commercial roll shipments 3.6% in January
The EMZ Group, a division of System Capital Management's Metinvest steel holding, increased finished roll shipments 3.6% year-on-year to 256,600 tonnes in January. Shipments of long products fell 13.5% to 29,564 tonnes, while shipments of casting billets grew 4% to 199,800 tonnes, a representative of the group, which includes the Yenakiyeve Metallurgical Plant (EMZ) and Ukrainian-Swiss joint venture Metalen, told. The EMZ Group increased production of pig iron by 26.9% year-on-year to 245,000 tonnes, crude steel - 19% to 264,000 tonnes and sinter ore - 4.1% to 203,000 tonnes. Commercial roll shipments grew 5.4% to 2.779 million tonnes in 2007, including growth of 3.2% to 2.142 million tonnes of billets and 77% to 459,300 tonnes of long products. Pig iron production grew 11.3% to 2.449 million tonnes and crude steel was up 9.3% to 2.788 million tonnes.
07.02.2008 Source: Interfax

Yenakieve Metallurgical Plant, Metalen awarded with quality certificate OHSAS 18001:2007
Yenakieve Metallurgical Plant, Metalen intend boost steel-making by 7.1% to 3 million tons in 2008
06.02.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

IUD continues increasing production at Huta Stali Czestochowa
Poland's Huta Stali Czestochowa, which belongs to the Donetsk-based Industrial Union of Donbas (IUD) through its daughter company ISD Polska, in 2007 increased rolled steel production by an estimated 23.1% year-over-year, to 800,000 tonnes. In 2008 the plant plans to produce 950,000 tonnes of rolled steel. After the acquisition of the plant by the IUD in 2005, rolled steel output was 450,000 tonnes, and in 2006 it was 650,000 tonnes. The IUD, founded in 1995, is an integrated holding company that owns or manages stakes in mining and metals enterprises. The group's core assets are the Alchevsk Iron & Steel Works (AMK), Alchevsk Coke-Chemical Plant and Dzerzhinsky Iron & Steel Works (DMK) in Ukraine, as well as Dunaferr in Hungary, ISD-Huta Czestochowa in Poland and Sparrows Point in Baltimore, the United States.
06.02.2008 Source: Interfax

Khartsyzsk Pipe Mill output plummets 91% in January
The Metinvest Holding's Khartsyzsk Pipe Mill saw production of large-diameter pipes plummet 91% year-on-year in January to 4,500 tonnes. Khartsyzsk, the FSU's biggest producer of straight-seam pipeline tubes 478-1420 millimeters in diameter with anti-corrosive, cut pipe production 16.4% in 2007 compared with 2006 to 485,500 tonnes.
06.02.2008 Source: Interfax

SevGOK to invest UAH 1,308.6m into production in 2008
Pivnichnyi Ore Mining and Processing Works (SevGOK) is planning to invest UAH 1,308.6m into modernization of its production facilities in 2008. Key projects of the modernization program 2008 include mining and processing facilities. Moreover, the company earmarked considerable funds for construction of beneficiating sections, a homogenizing unit, pump station, and expansion of tailing facilities. Pelletizing factory will see modernization of calcining machines. In addition, the company will invest a lot into installation of new electric filters at pelletizing machines in a move to cut air emissions.
06.02.2008 Source: press service of Metinvest

Arcelor Mittal Kryviy Rih reduces roll output 4.4% in January
Arcelor Mittal Kryviy Rih (formerly Kryvorizhstal) reduced roll production tentatively 4.4% year-on-year to 590,000 tonnes in January. Crude steel production grew 11.5% to 641,000 tonnes, pig iron - 11.2% to 570,000 tonnes and sinter - 12.6% to 909,000 tonnes. Arcelor Mittal Kryviy Rih is Ukraine's biggest steel producer and partner of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
05.02.2008 Source: Interfax

Ukraine's YUTIST Pipe Plant sees earnings tumble 80% in 2007
The Yutist steel pipe plant in Nikopol reported net profit down 83% in 2007, to UAH 1.681 million, on sales up 1.1% to 496.981 million. Pretax profit fell 77.8% to UAH 2.866 million, while net revenue rose 1.7% to UAH 455.213 million.
05.02.2008 Source: Interfax

Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant reduces ferroalloy output 4% in January
Nikopol Ferroalloy Works (NFW), Ukraine's biggest ferroalloy producer, reduced ferroalloy production 4.1% year-on-year in January to 87,600 tonnes. The company produced 59,900 tonnes of silicon manganese and 27,700 tonnes of ferromanganese, down from 66,000 tonnes and 25,400 tonnes, respectively, in January 2007.
05.02.2008 Source: Interfax

Arcelor Mittal Kryvyi Rih to buy 200 gondola cars for work on general use rails before 2009
04.02.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Businessman Zhevaho ready to invest EUR 80 million into Bulgarian Kremikovcah Metallurgical Plant
Kostiantyn Zhevaho, a Verkhovna Rada deputy of the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc and the businessman controlling one of the largest producers of pellets, Poltava OMEP, says he is ready to invest EUR 80 million into Bulgarian Kremikovcah Metallurgical Plant. This is disclosed in the report of Bulgarian government with the reference to Bulgarian Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev. Earlier, foreign mass media had reported that the owner of 71% stake in the plant Global Steel Company (controlled by brothers Mittals) intends to sell the package in the Bulgarian plant due to problems with fulfillment of investment liabilities. Foreign mass media calls Zhevaho and US Steel Company as major claimants for purchase of the plant. Kremikovcah Metallurgical Plant is the largest Bulgarian metallurgical plant, which is engaged in production of flat rolled steel. It produces about 70% of all Bulgarian steel and about 55% of Bulgarian rolled steel. As earlier reported, Zhevaho controls Finance and Credit Group, which also includes Poltava ore mining and enrichment plant and AvtoKrAZ Holding Company.
01.02.2007 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Januar 2008
Ferrexpo 2007 iron ore production up by 9% YoY
Ukraine-based iron ore producer Ferrexpo lifted output by 1.6% year-on-year in the last thee months, but stripping works and seasonal influences meant there was a dip quarter-on-quarter. Iron ore production came in at 7.18m tonnes during September to December, up from 7.07m tonnes this time last year, but the quarterly total dipped 2% from 7.305m tonnes. Full-year 2007 iron ore output rose 9% to 28.9 tonnes, pellet production rose 6% to 9.1m tonnes and the average achieved price was 20.3% higher. "Our ambitious production targets were reached through a combination of investment in more efficient equipment together with being able to successfully increase the efficiency of utilisation for existing machinery," chief operating officer Viktor Lotous said.
22.01.2008 Source: Ferrexpo

Metinvest obtains clearance from EU to buy steel plate producers
Metinvest, which brings together the iron ore and steel making assets of Ukraine's Donetsk-based System Capital Management (SCM), has obtained clearance from European Union anti-monopoly regulators to acquire controlling stakes in steel plate producers Trametal SpA of Italy and Britain's Spartan UK Ltd. Metinvest said in a press release on Monday that the European Commission had deemed that the acquisitions "conform to general market principles and to the agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA)."
21.01.2008 Source: Ukrainian Journal

Metinvest Holding planning to obtain rating from Standard & Poor's by 2009
Metinvest Holding, the company that manages the assets of the Metinvest group, intends to obtain a rating from Standard & Poor's, an international credit rating agency, by 2009. Metinvest Holding's Financial Director Serhii Novikov said that the company intended to obtain the results of an audit and the preliminary results of a credit evaluation before the end of this year and that Metinvest Holding expected official publication of its rating during the second half of the year. Novikov added that assigning a separate rating to Metinvest Holding would result in a review if the ratings of the Azovstal metallurgical plant and its Eurobonds. As earlier reported, Standard and Poor's affirmed Azovstal's rating of B2- with a Positive outlook earlier this month.
21.01.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

IUD to launch new plant in United Arab Emirates by end of the year
Industrial Union of Donbas Corporation by the end of 2008 plans to launch jointly with local partners a new plant with a capacity of 1 million tons of reinforcement and rods in Al Fujayrah (United Arab Emirates). "Jointly with local partners we will launch a new plant in Al Fujayrah with the annual capacity of 1 million tons of reinforcement and rods in Q4, 2008," IUD Chairman, Serhiy Taruta, said in an interview with Ekonomicheskie Izvestia newspaper.
18.01.2008 Source: Ukrainian Journal

Smart Holding expects merger of its metallurgical assets with SCM to be complete before July 2008
15.01.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

ArcelorMittal will Produktion in der Ukraine stark ausweiten
ArcelorMittal Steel Kriwoi Rog will bis zum Jahr 2012 die Produktion gegenüber dem Stand von 2006 um 58,08% auf 12 Mio jato ausweiten. Das Aufkommen an Stahlwalzgut soll um 54,65% auf 10,6 Mio jato und das von Eisen um 57,47% auf 10,7 Mio jato zunehmen, wie das Unternehmen mitteilte. An Investitionen sind bis 2012 insgesamt 2 Mrd USD vorgesehen. Geplant sind den Angaben nach eine neue Agglomerationsanlage, ein Konverter, eine kontinuierlich arbeitende Gießanlage sowie ein Warmwalzwerk mit einer Jahresleistung von 5 Mio t. Im vergangenen Jahr hat ArcelorMittal Steel Kriwoi Rog 8,103 Mio t Stahl und damit 7,1% mehr als 2006 erzeugt. Die Walzwerksproduktion stieg um 3,9% auf 7,119 Mio t und der Output von Eisen um 6% auf 7,208 Mio t. ArcelorMittal Krivij Rih ist der größte Stahlerzeuger der Ukraine und Partner von Metall-Forum Ukraine.
14.01.2008 Source: DJN/DJG

Metinvest reported to be in talks on acquisition of Bulgarian steel plant
Metinvest Holding Ltd., the Metinvest Group's managing company, which unites the ore-mining and metallurgical assets of CJSC System Capital Management (SCM), is in talks with Global Steel Holdings on the acquisition of Bulgarian-based Kremikovtsi steel mill. As the Bulgarian mass media reported, representatives of the steel mill's current owner - Global Steel Holdings, which belongs to India's Mittal brothers, Pramod and Vinod Mittal - held talks with Metinvest's representatives in Austria. According to the reports, Global Steel Holdings has no connections to the world's largest steel producer Arcelor Mittal. As expected, Global Steel Holdings will name the price by January 24 for the Bulgarian steel assets. At the same time, the steel mill's press service denied there was a meeting between Global Steel Holdings and Metinvest.
14.01.2008 Source: Interfax

Avdeyevka Coke and Chemicals Plant produced 3.03 million tonnes of furnace coke in 2007
In 2007, Avdeyevka Coke and Chemicals Plant produced 3.03 million tonnes of furnace coke, up 11.4%, or 309.1 thousand tonnes, from 2006. "We had problems with coals during the whole 2007, but they escalated after the tragedy at Zasyadko mine. Moreover, last year saw more supplies of coal with greater ash content. In addition, the year saw sharp rise in coal price. Growth in prices for coals produced by Ukrainian companies, including state-run Ugol Ukrainy, made at least 50%, and price for some Russian coals which do not have analogues in Ukraine grew by up to 100%. As a result, production cost of coke and other products has considerably grown. Given the current situation at the coal market, the plans of our plant for 2008 are less optimistic than those for 2007," said General Director of OJSC Avdeyevka Coke and Chemicals Plant Gennadiy Vlasov.
14.01.2008 Source: press service of SCM

Azovmash manufactures oxygen-feeding machine for Russian Novolipetsky Metal Mill's converter
Azovmash company has manufactured a machine supplying oxygen to a converter with capacity of 160 tons for the Novolipetsky metallurgical plant (Russia). The machine was ready at the end of December. This year Azovmash will supply two oxygen-feeding machines with capacity of 300 tons to the Novolipetsky metallurgical plant, and is considering the possibility of manufacturing a teeming ladle car and a slag carriage for it. Azovmash did not report the cost of the equipment. Azovmash was founded in 2000 as a management company of the largest producers and developers of railcars and heavy machinery: the Mariupol heavy machinery factory, Azovzahalmash, the Mariupol thermal factory, and the Main Specialized Design and Technological Institute. The state owns 50% of shares in Azovmash (managed by the State Property Fund) and the Ukrainian Industrial and Transport Company owns 50%.
12.01.2208 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Kryvyi Rih Ore-Mining Equipment Plant increases output by 9.5% to UAH 233.3 million in 2007
11.01.2007 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Dniprometyz decides to increase statutory fund by UAH 60 million to UAH 83.45 million
Khartsyzk Pipe Plant intending to increase statutory fund by UAH 2.5 million to UAH 129.9 million
Yenakieve Metallurgical Plant intends to increase statutory fund by UAH 2.7 million to UAH 161 million
11.01.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Aumomaker ZAZ boosts output 46% in 2007
The Zaporizhia Automobile Plant (ZAZ), a division of UkrAuto, produced 282,310 vehicles in 2007, 46.2% more than in the previous year. The plant produced 1,046 Tavria hatchbacks in 2007, 88% fewer than in 2006 as this car model was retired last year. ZAZ increased production of Tavria Pickups by 2.2% to 3,981, and Sens cars by 9.4% to 24,259, while reducing production of Slavuta models by 15% to 15,970. Production jumped 49.3% to 61,034 Lanos T-150s, 30.2% to 7,104 Opel-CKDs and 43.3% to 1,981 Opel Astra-Hs. ZAZ, which assembles VAZ cars under a deal with the Bogdan corporation, produced 3,478 VAZ-21093 and 17,642 VAZ-21099, respectively 58% fewer and 13% more, as well as 11,378 VAZ-2107, which the plant started producing in June 2006. ZAZ said it also assembled 3,580 Chery cars and 3,461 Chevrolets, which it did not produce in 2006. The plant also produced 127,396 other automobiles, including trucks and buses, compared to 63,219 in 2006.
11.01.2008 Source: Interfax

ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih upgrades output 7.1% on year in Ukraine in 2007
Arcelor Mittal Kriviy Rih produced 8.103 million metric tons of steel in 2007, an increase of 7.1% on the year. Steel roll output in 2007 increased by 3.9%, compared with 2006, to 7.119 million tons. Iron output increased by 6% to 7.208 million tons. Agglomerated iron ore output increased by 4.9% to 11.954 million tons. Concentrate output increased by 8.4% to 8.461 million tons. Coke output increased by 11.6% to 3.009 million tons. The smelter exports about 90% of its steel output. ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih is Ukraine's largest steel maker and partner of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
10.01.2008 Source: Dow Jones Newswires

Zaporizhia Ferroalloys Plant to invest USD 15 million in upgrades
Zaporizhia Ferroalloys Plant plans to invest more than USD 150 million (UAH 750 million) on a set of upgrades to improve its environmental record between now and 2012. Zaporizhia Ferroalloys Plant plans to start refurbishing its limestone division and to build a state-of-the-art gas scrubber in the first quarter of this year, before launching a major slag recycling project and building new energy-efficient furnaces. Zaporizhia Ferroalloys Plant is the FSU's biggest producer of medium- and high-carbon ferromanganese with 90% manganese content. Hennadiy Boholyubov's PrivatBank controls Zaporizhia Ferroalloys Plant as well as the Stakhanov Ferroalloy Plant and the Ordzhonikidze and Marhanets manganese ore mines in Ukraine. Boholubov's Palmary Enterprises Ltd has just taken over Australian manganese miner Consolidated Minerals (CSM), and also controls Ghana Manganese Company Ltd. and Nsuta Gold Mining Ltd.
10.01.2008 Source: Interfax

Inhulets Mining boosts output 4.6% in 2007
Inhulets Mining, Ukraine's biggest producer of iron ore concentrate, increased commercial output by 4.7% year-on-year to UAH 2.406 billion in constant prices in 2007. Production in December alone was up 0.1% year-on-year to UAH 195.909 million. Inhulets produced 14.023 million tonnes of concentrate in 2007, including 1.135 million tonnes in December, respectively 5% and 0.8% more than a year earlier.
10.01.2008 Source: Interfax

Palmary builds up almost 91.5% stake in Australia's CSM on closure of takeover offer
Palmary Enterprises Limited, which belongs to Hennadiy Boholyubov, the co-owner of Dnipropetrovsk-based PrivatBank, on the closure of its offer for the purchase of Australia's Consolidated Minerals (CSM), had bought a 91.48% stake in the company, according to a Palmary report issued on Wednesday. Palmary's share reached 95.37% several days ago, although deals on 4.58% of shares were canceled.
09.01.2008 Source: Interfax

ISTIL (Ukraine) reports 13.8% rise in 2007 steel output
Mini Steel Mill ISTIL (Ukraine) in January through December 2007 increased finished rolled steel output by a preliminary 13.8% year-on-year, to 973,000 tons, steel output by 11.5%, to 1.026 million tons. In December the mill produced 86,000 tons of finished rolled steel and 79,300 tons of steel. ISTIL (Ukraine) in 2006 increased finished rolled steel output by 17.3% year-on-year, to 863,000 tonnes, and steel output by 13.4%, to 920,000 tonnes.
08.01.2008 Source: Ukrainian Journal

Zaporizhstal agrees with Metinvest on delivery of raw materials by 2011
Zaporizhstal Iron and Steel Works has agreed with Metinvest Holding on supplies of iron ore and flux-dolomite produce in 2008-2010. The contract foresees delivery of over 11 million tons of iron ore concentrate and over 2 million tins of flux-dolomite goods produced by mining enterprises entering Metinvest Group. The contract will allow stable raw materials delivery to the plant and will assist provision of long-term plans on development of production. The plant produces hot-rolled and cold-rolled metal from carbon, low-alloyed, alloyed and stainless steel. Zaporizhstal is the fourth-largest steel mill in Ukraine and partner of the Metal-Forum of Ukraine.
06.01.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Donbas Industrial Union contracts Metinvest to supply raw materials until 2011
Donbas Industrial Union (Donetsk) has contracted Metinvest Holding company to supply iron ore and flux-dolomite products during the 2008-2010 period. Under the contract, Metinvest will supply 10 million tons of pellets and 11 million tons of iron ore concentrate to the Union's metallurgical enterprises. The contract also provides for supply of 6 million tons of flux-dolomite products produced by Metinvest Group's mining enterprises. Donbas Industrial Union produces and sells metal products.
It controls the Alchevsk and Dniprovskyi metallurgical plants, the Dnipropetrovsk pipe plant, and the Alchevsk coke chemical plant, as well as the Dunaferr and DAM Steel metallurgical plants in Hungary, the Huta Czestochowa steel plant in Poland, and other assets.
05.01.2008 Source: Ukrainian News Agency

Palmary to close CSM takeover offer on January 8
Palmary Enterprises Limited, which belongs to the co-owner of Ukraine's PrivatBank Hennadiy Boholyubov, has decided not to prolong an offer for the purchase of Australia's Consolidated Minerals (CSM) and close it at 7:00 pm Melbourne time on January 8, 2008. As Palmary reported in its statement on Friday, over the past two days, it increased its stake of voting shares in CSM from 89.87% to 90.09%. According to the report, the company has reserved its right to buy CSM stocks on the market from time to time in the future. Mining and investment company Palmary currently controls Ghana Manganese Company Limited and Nsuta Gold Mining Limited.
04.01.2008 Source: Interfax

Azovmash boosts sales 40% in 2007
Mariupol-based Azovmash, Ukraine's leader in heavy machinery construction, increased sales by 40% in 2007 to UAH 4.3 billion. The company exported 70.4% of its products last year. Azovmash doubled its car production to UAH 3.8 billion. The company produced 9,827 freight cars and flatcars (8,464 freight cars and flatcars in 2006), 2,600 gondola cars, 5,836 cisterns, 867 covered cars and 524 platform cars. Azovmash remains a leading machine-building company in the world, which produces tanker cars, freight and platform cars, metallurgical equipment, bridge and frame cranes, fuel dispensers and consumer goods. In 2007, the company signed contracts to build three converters for India and Algeria and is now performing a number of orders for Ukrainian and Russian metallurgical plants.
04.01.2008 Source: Interfax

Dniprospetsstal ups roll output 7.6% in 2007
The Dniprospetsstal steel works produced 324,000 tonnes of finished roll in 2007, which was 4.3% more than in 2006. Crude steel production rose 5.8% to 549,000 tonnes. As reported, Dniprospetsstal produced 312,000 tonnes of finished roll in 2006, which was 4.3% more than in 2005, while crude steel output rose 2.6% to 519,000 tonnes.
04.01.2008 Source: Interfax

Donetsk Steel Mill raises roll output 9.4% in 2007
Donetsk Metallurgical Plant (DMZ) raised finished roll output by 9.4% year-over-year in 2007 to 151,000 tonnes. The plant produced 12,000 tonnes of finished roll in December. DMZ reduced finished roll output by 5.5% in 2006 to 138,000 tonnes.
04.01.2008 Source: Interfax

Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant ups output 16.5% in 2007
Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant (NZF), Ukraine's biggest ferroalloy producer, raised ferroalloy production 16.5% year-over-year in 2007 to 1.0403 million tonnes. Over the twelve months, the company increased output of silicon manganese by 22.3% to 768,100 tonnes and ferromanganese by 4.5% to 272,200 tonnes. In December, NZF produced 86,600 tonnes of ferroalloys, including 62,200 tonnes of silicon manganese and 24,400 tonnes of ferromanganese.
04.01.2008 Source: Interfax

Investtechnologies sells 25% of shares of Centravis Production Ukraine
Investtechnologies Ltd. has sold 25% of the shares of Centravis Production Ukraine, the only in Ukraine stainless pipe producer (earlier CJSC Nikopol Stainless Pipe Plant), to Steelcomp Limited (Cyprus), according to a statement by Centravis Production Ukraine. Steelcomp Limited had not owned shares of the company before it acquired the stake from Investtechnologies Ltd. Earlier reports said Nikopol Pivdennotrubny plant in mid-December sold a 25% stake in CJSC Centravis Production Ukraine to Investtechnologies Ltd.
04.01.2008 Source: Interfax

Pivdenny GOK ups sinter output 10.3% in 2007
Pivdenny GOK or Southern Mining and Beneficiation Plant from Kryvy Rih raised sinter production 10.3% year-on-year in 2007 to 5.13 million tonnes. Iron ore concentrate production rose 0.7% to 8.769 million tonnes. Pivdenny GOK produced 405,000 tonnes of sinter and 740,000 tonnes of iron ore concentrate in December 2007. The plant supplied 5.091 million tonnes of sinter and 3.334 million tonnes of concentrate to Ukrainian steel mills in 2007. According to supply plans, Pivdenny GOK is to sell 420,000 tonnes of sinter to domestic enterprises in January 2008. The company also plans to supply 330,000 tonnes of iron ore concentrate to Dniprovsky Dzerzhynsky Steel Mill in 2008.
04.01.2008 Source: Interfax

Zaporizhia Ore Mill ups output 2.1% in 2007
Zaporizhia Iron Ore Mill raised production of iron ore 2.1% in 2007 to 4.4 million tonnes. The enterprise produced 351,000 tonnes of market iron ore in December 2007. The enterprise supplied Zaporizhstal Steel Mill 1.049 million tonnes of iron ore over the twelve months and 85,000 tonnes of iron ore in December. According to supply plans, the mill is to sell 90,000 tonnes of iron ore to Zaporizhstal in January 2008.
04.01.2008 Source: Interfax

Das Poltawer Bergwerkskombinat baut Anlage für 300 Mio USD
Das Poltawer Bergwerkskombinat (Poltawskij gorno-obogotitelnyj kombinat) will eine Fabrik für 300 Mio USD bauen. Die Anlage zur Zerkleinerung und Anreicherung des Eisenerzes werde bis 2012 bei dem Vorkommen Jeristow im Gebiet Poltawa errichtet, sagte der Generaldirektor des Kombinats, Wiktor Lotous. In fünf Jahren wollen wir die Fabrik in Betrieb nehmen, sagte Lotous. Der Bau der Anlage werde über Bankenkredite finanziert. Seit Oktober 2007 beutet das Kombinat das Jeristow-Vorkommen der Krementschuger Magnetanomalie aus. Das Kombinat wird von der Bankengruppe Finansy i Kredit der ukrainischen Geschäftsleute Konstantin und Oleg Schewago kontrolliert. Hauptsächlich geschieht dies über das in der Schweiz registrierte Unternehmen Ferrexpo, dem 85% der Aktien des Kombinats gehören.
02.01.2008 Source: DJG


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